A Little Love Story


Since today is my wedding anniversary I thought I’d write a quick story about the man behind this blog & me. He makes it possible for me to do the things I love.
Did you know that I was only 15 1/2 years old when I met this guy? (exact same age as our twin boys are right now – OMG!) Marc was 17, we went to the same high school. I fell so in love with him very early and I wanted to marry him right away but he was more level headed and waited until he was nearly done with his bachelors degree before we married. Our families didn’t believe in living together before marriage so we honored that.

People who know Marc absolutely love and respect him. So many times in our relationship I felt like I wasn’t quite “good enough” for this genuine and talented Genius (yes, he’s brainy and beautiful).

But he chose me and I adore him.

After 9 years of marriage we found a way to have our own babies through IVF. That was a hard time prior to getting pregnant. My heart goes out to people who experience infertility.

For us, it actually gave us time to sort out our thoughts on many subjects such as religion, politics, education, family relationships – the deep stuff. None were easy conclusions and these are ever evolving life subjects but at the point when our efforts to become parents came to fruition we were on the same page, so to speak.

So as much agony and pain we experienced, I am always grateful for the time we had to grow up and grow more together.

We had two baby boys who came 9 weeks early. A scary beginning into parenthood. We made it though and have laughed our sides out raising these little stinkers.

We’ve cried our eyes out too. The joy they brought to our relationship is beyond explainable. Having two babies at once living 2000 miles away from our families was both a blessing and a curse. How I needed my Mom so many times but she always had time to talk me through those days when the kids were sick with fever or I was over tired and making life harder than it had to be.

Fast forward through career changes, re-locations, buying, selling and renting houses. Making a home for these boys has always been so important to us but we also wanted them to experience things we hadn’t as children.

Marc and I grew up in the same town our whole life until we were adults. Our idea was to give our kids the benefit of living in different parts of the country in hopes they would appreciate their knowledge and experiences of different places.

We still have feelings of guilt for uprooting them from our Connecticut home but as much as I wish I could do things differently, I believe that there are no coincidences in life. Hopefully the challenges they have had in being the new kids will prepare them for something they will better cope with in their own life journey.

We hope for the best and we have amazing days and days when I think “what the hell?’ – but this is our life and we try to embrace the good.

Since I’m on a personal note in this post I feel a need to express credit to my Mom who recently passed (That story HERE). She helped prepare me for marriage and the great task of being a mother. Mostly through her example but also her patience and dedication to teach all of her six children strong values and endurance.

She leaves a legacy of strong families and so much love.

How I miss her.

Not sure why I wrote this post today but I guess it’s important to know that behind pretty pictures and my DIY projects there are humans just living the real life. Life is not always pretty but as I get older I believe that this earthly journey isn’t meant to be perfect but to give us opportunities to grow spiritually, learn to love unconditionally and strive to bring happiness into this world.

As I was meditating yesterday the phrase “Heart Centered Living” came to me and it made me think – that is what it is all about.

My sweet husband bought us a new beautiful home this year and I told him – I need nothing else for our big TWO-FIVE. I humbly already have it all – and more.

Thanks for reading my abbreviated love story and I hope each of you find and focus on the good things in your own lives…it’s there, even if you have to look a little deeper.

Much Love,

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Amazed that you fell in love so young! And hoping you will have 25 more wonderful years and beyond.

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing your lovely story.

Love you so much. Thank you for sharing your beautiful self.

Holly I loved every word. Thank-you for sharing your love story with us, you are truly blessed. We two have been married for 25 wonderful years. Here is to many more for you and your family.

Such a wonderful story of love and commitment. God Bless and Happy Anniversary

Oh Holly such a sweet love story. It is amazing when we find out so many wonderful things on our life journey. You really have it all when you have love, kindness and purpose in this life. Loved reading your love story. Congrats and Happy Anniversary. Wishing you many more years of happiness.Kris