Custom Sized Foyer Table


Hello Friends!
Guess what? I made something! Yup! It’s been a long time since I have taken on a project but here is why.
I am in love with my nail gun and air compressor for this stuff. We have been reunited after their stay in storage and I couldn’t be happier!

I tried making a bench with just my drill and miter saw last year while most of my tools and I were separated and I gave up.

Once you do it the easy way there is no turning back.

To start – I like to measure the space I am making a piece for and cut wood for the frame of the top and go from there.

Then I attach the top. Turn it upside down and start the legs. I don’t plan it out too much other than making a wood box in the size that fits the space. I can add decorative molding to it later if I choose.

It ends up super plain looking but I add a bottom shelf and double layer the legs to give them a chunky look.

I don’t have a good stash of wood built up in my garage yet so I had to work with what I bought at the store. Of course, I was short and had to go back for more but it worked out (enough).

The picture above is of the bottom interior where I attached a cross beam for the shelf. See the 2×4 holding the horizontal piece in place? I am holding a 1×4 scrap on the outside because that is what will be layered on the 2×4 legs to bulk them up.

I am super rusty at writing tutorials but you can see how simple the construction is. I just needed something to start with.

I love making my own tables for tight spaces because see how it doesn’t intrude on the foyer? It’s 11 inches deep by 70 inches long and 36 1/2 inches tall. It fit right under the horse picture that was already hanging (by design).

To be honest, it’s not the most beautiful piece of furniture I have ever made but it took me about two hours and about $90 in supplies.

It’s stained with Minwax – Jacobean.

For an impatient, not too particular kind of girl – it works perfectly.

Not too bad for a warm up.

Thanks for stopping by and have a super fun weekend!

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It's great to see you back at it and woodworking again. I love your table. It's perfectly you.

Oh Holly love love this. Beautiful job. You do not need a Terry you have yourself to build beauty. I love that horse picture too.The entry is stunning.Hugs and Happy Weekend.Kris

Clearly you are back in business Holly!!!! That piece is the perfect fit for the narrow space. Sooo glad I get to snoop around your house with all those new blog posts !!!!! xoxoxo