Master Bedroom at the New House 2018

I have been super excited to get our bedroom put together.

We bought a new bed when we moved in and I tell you – I sleep amazing here. The frame is so sturdy and comfortable.

I love the fabric tufted headboard. At first I thought I wanted grey but I love this canvas color. It made it so that I could use drop cloths for curtains. They match!
I ordered some ticking stripe curtains for this room but after living with it I think I will use those in the guest room instead.
If you notice I layered a couple of frayed ruffles at the tops of the drop cloth window panels. They were easy to do.
The carpet and walls are so neutral – almost too much so. When I got the room going I knew it needed something black.
The two black architectural windows are not really windows but some decor that I found at Kirkland’s. Here in the south eastern part of the USA we are super lucky to have Kirkland’s (HERE). They have great replicas of old windows, farmhouse decor and even cute greenery that looks real.
The window nook is where I like to meditate (something I have taken up since my Mama passed away HERE). I keep books there on the bench with greens and sometimes I will light candles too. It’s relaxing. (the guided meditation app I use on my phone is called Insight – amazing!)
Do you want to hear more about that kind of thing here? Let me know and if you are interested in the books that have helped me deal with grief I’d be super happy to share.
This view of our room is where our closet entrance is. I like that we don’t have to go through our bathroom to get to it. It’s actually a super cute space but I still have lots of boxes to go through in there so I am not going to give you the full view yet.
The view over the foot of the bed always includes my puppy, Ms. Mazi, and yes, I have a TV in my bedroom.
I live in a house full of boys and our movie interests are completely different. I can sit in here and watch chick shows like the mini series Little Women on Masterpiece and The Affair on Showtime (two of my favs).
If you have read this blog before or toured our CT House you will recognize the door above our headboard. It was the old door to our basement in our Connecticut home. It has a little bit of sentimental value so I hold on to it. There wasn’t really a great place to put it in this house so here it is in the bedroom giving a rustic vibe to this space.
The low down on where I got stuff.
The bedding is from Homegoods (a steal at $39.99 for the spread and two shams). The lamps are from Homegoods ($22 each). The body pillow is from Target ($9.99 – sherpa cover) and the throw pillows are: 1 from Homegoods (16.99) and the other two are covers from Amazon ($-?) over feather inserts from Joann’s ($20 each). The small, middle, camel color pillow in front is one that came with my boys bedding from Target last year and I just added a strip of muslin fabric (ripped, of course) tied in a knot on the front so it didn’t look so plain.The curtain panels are drop cloths from a paint store –  9’x12′ hung with the 12 foot side going horizontal and cut to 97 inches ($24). The small window was dressed in a 4’x12′ also cut to 97 inches and in half with the 4 foot side going vertical. The extra drop cloth fabric was frayed and layered to make ruffles and clipped with black drapery hooks to the rods which were also found at Homegoods (rod up 144″ – $39.99 and rod up to 72″ – $16.99) I already had a ton of curtain clips on hand.
note: I did use some of a third drop cloth to use for ruffle.
The frayed edges look like this:
String by string just pull until you’ve got the fray you want.
Our dressers are all old or new to me and some are painted in an “oops” paint from Home Depot – it’s a soft black-ish paint. (love the color but not my favorite formula to work with).
We chose the builders standard carpet for the bedrooms but we upgraded to wood in the hall. To me, carpet should be replaced every several years anyway and wood is lifetime.
OK – so if you guys/gals have questions you know you can email me at
or contact me by Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE
Sometimes my comments come to my email but sometimes they don’t so if you REALLY want an answer consider the links or email above for a more timely response.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of our bedroom a bit as much as I love living in it.
Until we meet again!
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DROOOOOOL…..nuff said

I love it, Holly. The door above your bed is perfect.

Hi, Holly…I am new to your blog but….I have had one of your photos in my LOOKS I JUST LOVE file and in my post yesterday, I used it.I am so sorry I didn't come here before posting it and ask you. But…the first thing I thought about when I woke up this morning is your photo. Since it does have your name on it, I decided I'd come and tell you aboout it. I will go back and add a link to your blog if you will let me keep your adorable photo in my post. Come over and… Read more »

Hi Holly,I knew your bedroom would be swoon worthy. Love love love it. The headboard is so great and love the curtains. I love all the nice wall decor features too. Just beautiful. I think Mazi agrees the bed is so comfy and wonderful. I always feel our bedrooms need to be our sanctuary and you have made a beautiful space for that. Happy Thursday.Hugs,Kris

It's gorgeous, love the new bed