10 Trends I am Taking Home in 2018

Let me show you some trends that I have seen around lately that I just have to bring home this year.

1– Light walls with high contrast floors and accents such as the black backing of the shelving area in the picture above.

I have loved dark walls with white trim for so long but I am ready for a fresh change of scenery. Simpler but with some contrast.

2 – Darker wood with white cabinets in the kitchen look super crisp and fresh without looking too sterile. That bit of darkness helps the space look more livable, in my opinion.
This particular cabinet color combination is what I chose for our new home under construction. The difference is all of our bottom cabinets are the dark stain like the island.
See how this kitchen has darker bottoms with white uppers? I like it a lot!
See the granite tops here? That is the same granite we will have with dark bottom cabs and white uppers. It will help blend the two drastic colors…I hope.
3 – Although I love black counter tops, the light tops I see around are fresh and different from what I have lived with before. I am excited to try them out!

The granite is white with black running through it…I think that is a safe and timeless color combo that I can live with for a very long time.

Not white but a white background with black swirls.

4 – In keeping with the high contrast theme – the inside of our front door will be stained dark with white trim. The interior doors will be white but the front door looks more ornamental with a striking dark color.
When you pay extra money for beautiful doors? Show them off! Like in this dining room – let’s say WOW! Aren’t those sliding glass wood doors a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!
I don’t have that fancy of doors in my future home but I do have a couple sets of french doors that I plan to paint a charcoal or bronze color.

5 – That tub! Actually….no, I am not taking that tub trend home with me but in this photo I love the mirrors. I will be keeping my eye out for some funky mirrors to go above all of our vanities in the house.

I like vintage gold ones in particular. The round shape is beautiful too.

I also love the “he” and “she” signs for bathrooms like the ones above the toilet.

6 – A raised hearth at the fireplace. YES! I am taking home that feature for sure. I don’t know that it’s a trend, necessarily, or if it’s out dated but after living with one – I love it and want it again!

7 – I love a fireplace that makes a statement and how better to do that than raise it high and give it a prominent place in a room. The raised hearth even provides casual seating and a sort of “stage” for little ones to play.

When I was pregnant with my twins I had nightmares of cracked heads on the raised hearth so if you have littles – you may want to get pads that hug the edges for the toddler stage. I am way past that now – no safety pads this time.

8 – A mudroom. Yes, I am going to have a mudroom. How necessary for a family to have a drop spot for shoes, coats and backpacks. This is one thing I have never had.  I hope to keep our clutter away from the front door this go around.

I chose not to do pretty white built-ins in our future mudroom because I plan to decorate that space very rustic and more for function than beauty. But I love the one shown.

9 – No microwave above the cook top. I am putting our microwave out of sight in the pantry opting for a staggered decorative cabinet that includes a blower and light above our cook top.

I don’t want to see every appliance we use in our main living area. The microwave is the first to go in the closet.

The hood is understated but the molding and deeper cabinet give the space a bit of a focal point in the kitchen.
10 –  Accent walls! I love the brick accent walls I see in some of the homes I have toured. Real brick? Wonderful! But I can pull off the look with wallpaper too.
The texture reminds me of historic buildings in cities I have been to. Brick can be warm and inviting.
10 trends I am taking home in 2018… You can add most of them to your existing home too.
Want to pin this for future reference?
I hope you like the trends I am loving.
Now, can the builder just hurry? Apartment living is getting very old. Want to know the down side of living in close quarters?
I can hear the lady upstairs going to the bathroom.
When I open my windows I can smell my neighbors cigarette smoke.
If my neighbors argue…I hear every word.
When I try to cook…my kitchen is so limited with space.
I can’t have a grill because it’s a fire hazard.
I feel restricted!
Winter needs to end now. (Happy Face!)
Hope you have a much better week than I am planning on.
Thanks for stopping by!
Until Next Time,
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I did some of the same things to my bathroom this month with a spring/natural color style using wallpaper coverings. I came up with a leaf floral design that turned out to be great and when sun light hits it, the wallpaper brightens up the whole space. I got the paper made custom at interior ink and the cotton texture was the materiel I picked which I recommend because it last longer.

Can't wait to see your new house all finished…you must be getting soooo excited!!!!! XOXOXOXO

Oh Holly I feel for you living in an apartment. There is never any privacy. I am swooning through all of your inspiration today.Love love all these beautiful pictures. I think your home is going to be so beautiful and worth the wait and all you have to go through now while waiting. You have some wonderful inspiration and I know with your decor sense this house will be beautiful.Hang in there.xoxoKris

Ms. Rivercrest Cottage…I plan to personalize the new house with a fun pantry door and a few accent doors in dark colors. It seems my taste has gotten simpler, or so I think today. We'll see, I wouldn't be surprised if I do the same dang things exactly like I have before….just to feel like home. You never know!Thank you for stopping by and I love your comments!!!xo,Holly

Our current house is the first we've had without a ledge in front of the fireplace and I don't like it. Much prefer ones like you've shown. I would pay to add the built in benches from the start. I think it makes everything so much tidier. Hoping your house will be finished soon. I remember that wonderful job you did on the screen door pantry and other special touches on a house way back. Are you going to use those ideas on this house?