Happy 2018 and a Home Tour


Happy 2018! Hope you are all starting your year off healthy and happy!

I am expecting a more positive and successful year this go-around. I know there will be some exciting things happen for my family, even though there’s NO cross country move in the forecast.

Hopefully you have something amazing to look forward to in 2018. The idea of a fresh start is always encouraging.

To begin 2018 here on the blog I am sharing a pretty house tour. This is a model home of the builder we hired to build our house.

They show off a lot of optional features that won’t be in ours but it sure is fun to drool… especially over that front door.

Accent walls like that brick warm up the dining area – makes it feel special and cozy. (This is the room where they take your money at contract – no wonder it’s so easy to hand over your hard earned savings…)

One thing I didn’t want in our next house was to have guests walk through the front door and see our main eating area – the breakfast nook. Ours is always such a mess. I am so glad we found a plan where the nook is tucked behind the pretty rooms.

I haven’t had a fireplace mantel to decorate for months and I can’t wait to play around with our new one. I know the TV is designated to go there in our plan as this room has but I am wondering if we really need that space to be our main movie night room. We have a loft upstairs that may work well too.

I am missing my beautiful horse pictures and I would love one of them to be the focal point of the family room, not a TV. We’ll see how that goes.

Maybe we will cook healthier and at home a lot more often when we have room to move around in a kitchen. Our apartment kitchen is super tight. Sometimes there are three of us trying to do different things in that little isle and it doesn’t usually work out well.

One of my boys likes to cook – he’s really good at it so I don’t complain when he takes up the space making us homemade Mac and Cheese. Yum!

I can hardly remember what furniture we have tucked away in our storage units in Utah. It will be like Christmas all over again when that moving truck arrives.

On Christmas morning we made a toast to each other about moving forward and appreciating where we’ve been,  the things we have and recognizing the most important thing of all…..we are all together.

It was an emotional holiday season for me but nobody needs to hear about that.

I have had this post sitting in my drafts for a few weeks and can’t seem to get the words right.

So I decided not to elaborate too much and just share this pretty house.


After nearly a week of staying home in the cold, I am really looking forward to Spring.

About two inches of snow fell last week and the kids have been out of school.


Today warmed up to 50 degrees and at 5:00 pm it was still light. Maybe Spring really is just around the corner.

Thank you for stopping by to view this pretty house.

Happy, happy New Year to you all!


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Wow, wonderful blog layout! Ηow lon һave yօu ben blogging fߋr? you made blogging lօoк easy.Тһe oνerall l᧐օk of your site іs wonderful, ɑs well ɑs thhe content!

Happy 2018, Holly! Wow! I am drooling over this model home. From accent walls, furniture, to home accessories, I am definitely in love with everything. The cozy vibe of the model home reminds me so much of my aunt’s old apartment where we used to stay during the holidays. This makes me want to go back in time OR call that builder to rebuild my house now! Thank you so much for posting this. Got a lot of great ideas for my home! I wish you a prosperous 2018, Holly. Looking forward to more house tours!

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Loved this tour and look forward to your home. Better days are coming. Hoping you're ok after an emotional holiday.Hugs, Cris

Just absolutely GORGEOUS, Holly I am sorry that you had an emotionally wrought Christmas season though. I hope the new year will be a whole lot better for you.God bless you today and beyond- xo Diana

Oh my how beautiful. Dream house for sure. Love that kitchen!Kris

Wow. Love that house inside and out. I'm with you on not featuring the TV in that pretty room. Our next house will have a second living room for our TV watching and leave only a small one in the main area.

Yes! It is a pretty home. Thanks for sharing and best wishes for a great 2018!