A Birthday, Foundation and Kitchen Beginnings


Here it is…the foundation of our new house. (link)

I love the variations in the brick colors. It’s exciting to watch the progress, well, for me anyway. My husband, Marc, hates building houses!

Guess what our one request was for the front porch?

“As few steps as possible”!

Whoa? Yeah, and we only got …. 10! (eye roll – thanks a lot)

That part is super buggy but the great thing is that the back patio will maybe have two steps and that is what we cared most about.

A lot has happened since I last wrote here on the blog.

My twin boys turned 15!

No, I can’t even believe it!

Time goes by so fast!

Even though the last couple of years have been pretty tough for them, I am super proud of the young men my boys have become. They are polite, do well in school and they are so kind to their mama.


I picked our kitchen cabinets and flooring this week.

It’s crazy that no matter how much you spend on a home the builders still include “builder grade” everything. Ugh!

We changed up the kitchen layout a little bit and I chose the dark stain, Java, for all the cabinets except for the few uppers. I will post more about the kitchen when I get the final numbers and drawings back.

The handles are all going to be brushed nickel to go with the appliances and door hardware.

The bathrooms are going to be the dark cabinet in two of them but the boys will get that grey stain called stone. The door style of the cabinets are shaker all over the house. Simple! White bathroom counter tops except the master and I haven’t seen the options for that yet.

That grey tile will go in two bathrooms but I chose black and white checkered tiles for the master bathroom and laundry room.

I can’t even share the carpet yet because I am super disappointed in my options and I have some estimates coming back this week (builder grade). I am venting a little here but to Marc, I am happy as a pig (because I love to build).

We haven’t put our Christmas tree up yet. Have you? Maybe we’ll do that this weekend.

First up for this weekend – haircuts – all the way around, even Mazi!

I gotta work the shop today for holiday help so I better run.

Have a fun weekend!


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Glad to see you made it all the way to 15 with twins! YAY, a foundation. It's good to see your home is moving along as I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product almost as much as you.

Good Morning Holly. Your picks are going to be beautiful. I am just so excited that you are letting us go on this journey of building your new home. I cannot wait to see it all completed and you moved in. I am sure this is stressful picking out things with out seeing them already done but you have such a good eye and style I know all your choices are going to be beautiful. Good luck. Have fun at the shop today.Kris

So exciting to see the beginning of your house! I'm glad you're writing your blog again, I always enjoyed it so much.

Nope, haven't got any decor up yet. Spent the morning painting. I know you can't wait till your house is built, but the decisions must be exhausting.Brenda