Choosing Light Fixtures

This week has been one of those that every day has been packed full. Now that it’s Friday, I am glad we are done with it.
On Monday I chose plumbing (future post) and Tuesday I chose lighting for our house-to-be (link).
Here’s a little run down…

I tried to keep within our budget but that was hardly possible and we knew that going into contract so we bumped the allowance up a bit for that. So even though I feel like I didn’t pick anything super fancy, the scale of each fixture should be right for the spaces they are in…I hope!

Going into the appointment I knew I wanted a hanging lantern on the porch, a pretty classic black chandelier in the breakfast nook and all of them dark in color to go with the colonial look of our house (basically, to look like fixtures that could hold candles without electricity). The appointment went well and I was glad to have done my homework before hand.

There are so many styles to choose from!

I say I and we because Marc has given me wings to fly alone with the rest of the house choices. Isn’t he sweet?

The pictures I am showing you are from touring other homes. They should keep you entertained while I blab about lights. However, the following photo I made at

How did I begin to choose?

I started with the porch visualizing it like I am coming up to the house and walking through it room by room.

My first choice was a large exterior lantern with an X shape on four sides. The entrance is always a good place to begin.

Stepping inside that X shape replays on the wall sconces in the foyer and in the over head light in the study. That room is Marc’s office and will have doors that close.

I like the feel of ceiling fans, even though they can be a little “expected” or to some people “ugly”. I put one in the guest room because it’s a south facing room that will get plenty of sun. Fans work great to cool things off when it’s humid and hot.

That same fixture is in the loft and bedrooms on the second floor. It was affordable and I like the continuity.

The family room has a coffered design on the ceiling so recessed lights go there. The floor plan is open and more hanging lights might make it feel complicated.

The foyer has an open area in front of the guest room. I decided on putting a hanging chandelier there instead of at the entrance because of the hanging porch lantern. The front doors have a lot of glass and I don’t think two hanging fixtures so close together would look good. Besides, I love the soft light that wall sconces give at a different level.

If you notice the foyer ceiling fixture starts to round out in style but carries the X shape up to that point for consistency.

Keep walking – the lanterns above the island are black open candelabras with a rounded top. The dining room is special in that it is a more modern style Orb. I like the circular shape to go with our barrel vault ceiling on the porch, otherwise the house is pretty square. A little surprise with this one is it’s black and brass. Whoa?! I’m getting fancy on ya.


Not to over explain my choices but can you sort of see how I tried to coordinate everything but not match anything? The fixtures are all different brands and not all the same finish but are all dark in tone.

I couldn’t see the exact picture for the master bath choices on line to show you but it’s a simple chandelier and a three-light-fixture above each sink.

The master bedroom has a drum shade over a black chandelier.

This picture was a tired attempt at creating the second floor diagram.
The recessed lights aren’t marked on the plan but we do that later with an electrician.

You get the idea!

Let’s just look at what all the designers put in the homes for tour.

Ooh and ahh for a minute and then let’s get on with our weekend.

OK – so that is that! I feel like I wrote light 600 times in one post.
Thanks for stopping by!
Have an amazing weekend!
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Hey, thanks for giving me an idea. This is very helpful for me. I'll try this on my affordable house and lot. Thank you very much for sharing!

Hoping all goes well with your move. I know how frustrating waiting on builder problems can get. The lights look like wonderful picks for your new home.

We were give the time frame of March to June 2018. We'll see how the winter building project goes.Thank you Kris – I sure hope it looks good when it's done.xo

When are you scheduled to move in? It will be one beautiful house!Brenda

I love this Holly. I am such a visual person and need to see things in the space . This is a great layout and you can see each and every light fixture and where you will put them. This is going to be so beautiful. The lighting in a home is the most important thing and you have this nailed girl. It will be gorgeous.Happy Weekend.Kris