A Drive Through the Country


Sundays are my lazy days. I love to spend time with my family taking it easy.

Sometimes a drive is a good way to get the boys to talk.

Marc is always looking up land listings on Zillow. Today we decided to take a drive just to look at one. It took us through some pretty country roads.

Do you remember the magazine Country Home? I started to subscribe to that once I became interested in decorating our first house.

I don’t think my style is or was ever considered “country”.

The magazines and HGTV shows that I chose to watch, and sometimes still do, romanticize the country life and I have always felt drawn to it.

Virginia has some beautiful country. Today on our drive I tried to imagine living out here, far away from Wegmans and Target.

Although we saw some beautiful estate type homes with rolling pastures, quaint farmhouses and country homes on our drive I was amazed at how many old abandoned structures were among them.

In some places it looks like the land owners just built a house next to their old house but left the old one there too.

There is a rugged aspect of country life that I can imagine my family and I enjoying. Campfires in the backyard, chickens, puppies, four wheeling and various projects going on all of the time.

I used to hoard old doors, windows and old wood on the side of our garage in Connecticut. Nobody cared. We had a 4 wheeler trail and a fire pit, even a target for shooting a 22 (responsibly).

That home was the closest living to country that I have ever experienced.

This time around we are buying for the neighborhood, school district and home styles. I love the country – but only for the drive at this point in life.

I see potential in every abandoned place. However, as much as I am tempted to buy a fixer upper in the country, I know in my heart that this time around we are ready for some fun social neighbors, a pool and trails in the community with a few kids close by that my boys can hang out with.
Impromptu BBQ’s and walks with friends around the streets of suburbia waving at neighbors makes us feel part of the community and that is what we are looking for at this point in time.
I know on Sundays Marc will continue to watch Zillow for a great piece of country property.
For now, I will continue to contemplate what cabinet color we will choose for our suburban kitchen (house #4).
After our drive I return to my smiling dog, Mazi. She really smiles! (even though it makes her look mean as anything)
Have a fun week!
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I have always fantasized having a home like those you photographed, my heart putter-pats at the thought. Back screen banging as the kids run out to play, a large triangle to call them back in, horses and barn dances. Having a fixer upper has been a real wake up call to my reality. I’m content with neighbors a stone’s throw away and various shopping centers within a five minute drive. Yes, I will settle for those beautiful country drives instead too. Hugs!!

Thanks Diana! Hopefully we get a little feel of the country when we move since there are trees. The neighborhood sits off of a country road but town is close.See you next time!

LOL, Holly-at your smiling (mean-lookin') dog. lolI am the same way. I lived in the country as a kid and loved it…but once I lived close to town I don't think I could ever live too far out in the country again. While I love the romanticism of it- the reality of it is something different.Can't wait to see your new home when you get it! xo Diana

Hahaha – I saw your cute rescue pup and you inspired me to rescue one too. Just later when I have a yard. Yeah – the smile? Uhm…at first it looks scary!

Hi Holly,Oh what charm you found with these places. I am swooning through all of them. So much history and charm.I had to laugh because the little basset hound we just rescued smiles like your Mazi. At first we thought she was showing teeth and mad but nope she is smiling. Too cute. Happy New Week.Kris

Hi Brenda,Thank you for stopping over. I can see you loving a country home too. Looks like quite a bit of work though, I can't do that right now. But there is no end to the charm factor.My boys are happier, yes. Thank you for asking. We really like the public school they attend. At least they have some familiar faces in the halls and in class.I love Virginia.It's so funny when Mazi smiles. I wasn't sure what to make of it when she did it as a puppy but my Vet said \”Are you smiling at me?\” to her… Read more »

My Abi smiles like Mazi! How funny. I feel bad for those old houses just left to fall apart. Such a part of history and I'm sure those homes have very good bones. Are your boys happier after the move? I recall that was a factor before.Brenda