Colonial Architecture and Crowded Gardens


While I grew up in Utah and love the mountains and rustic aspect of the West, I have always been drawn to Southern or East Coast style when it comes to houses. I used to watch HGTV a lot when we built our first house in the the late 1990’s and the cottage gardens were the most charming feature to these homes that I found myself falling in love with.

These crowded gardens among older structures….who doesn’t love that? So each home we have lived in I have created something to this effect as far as the front gardens go.

But as I shared in my last post where we drove past a few of our old homes – the new owners have put in lower maintenance landscaping – such as shrubs. It’s very possible that over time my plantings got too crowded as I did intend on having crowded perennial gardens. I love how wild they look.

Window boxes are especially sweet looking, but again, they need a little extra attention to stay looking healthy and lush.

And yet there is such beauty to simplicity too. As I am trying to imagine what I will do with our new house, which is a colonial style structure, I wonder if my gardening tendency will be to have an abundance of perennial blooms again or if I will go with crisp, clean lined plantings along the foundation.

I have to say that I adore a quaint door – the one we chose is almost all glass with side-lites. I am imagining two matching pots on either side of the door filled with conifers like the one in this picture. I have got to do a little research to see exactly what it is. Maybe you know.

I love it – do you know what it is? My porch will be south facing but covered so I am not sure if this beauty will like that much sun.

Since we are building a home based on colonial period I was drawing inspiration for what I will chose for lighting and hardware. In the end, it will be what we can afford but wouldn’t it be fun to add this enormous sconce to the sides of a garage door?

I love that crispy looking paint around the misfit handle.

I snapped this photo from a moving car but I couldn’t resist sharing it even though it’s a little blurry.

The molding around these exterior windows is super ornate and beautiful. We won’t be going that far with our window trim but I am excited for a thick white border around the windows. I’m sure our builder would like to triple the price of the home if I requested this type of detail.

I share this house because the portico over the porch is curved, which is how ours will be. They call it a barrel vault with a wood ceiling and a metal roof. Not sure it will look too much like that one in the photo but similar in shape. It’s not an inexpensive option but I want the entrance to be the most inviting and beautiful feature of the home.

Ooooooh, and I would love to get my hands on some iron posts like this…I’m not holding out for it but just in case I see some while I hunt around for items for my shop space – I love them!

Well, my heart is beating a little fast and I’m getting a little too excited about all this house talk so I need to sign out and go have a glass of wine and pray for patience.

We are shooting for March 2018 to have the house finished. Think I can make it? We’ll see!

In the mean time thanks for letting me share my vision and ramblings with you. Have an amazing week!


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Love that tree in the pot.

I always love driving around and looking at old houses. I think that \”once a gardener, always a gardener.\”Brenda

Love to see all those sweet homes with such history. Of course I love the chippy door and rusty handle!Happy Fall and Happy Friday Holly.xooxKris