Two Story Family House Tour

Hello – Hope you are all enjoying this Summer weather. I can’t stop sweating – my hair is a nightmare but all is well.

(Remember Mazi? She is very, very lazy!)

I started this post a couple of weeks ago and got super distracted every time I sat down to write. I can’t remember now what I was going to tell you so I will just show you a pretty house. I am sharing another model house from Biringer Builders here in the Richmond, Virginia area. They have an amazing stylist and I adore all the fun details he/she brings in to show off their homes.

Fun colors and detailed moldings in this house are so pretty. Bold colors can look so amazing but when I try them for my own home I get sick of it so fast.
We are still milling over which floor plan we like best. Where do we want the master bedroom, fireplace, study – etc..
I like lots of natural light so I wonder if this type of kitchen would feel bright enough without a direct window. 
A lot of the new homes right now have huge kitchen islands with the sink in it so when you stand at the sink you look into the great room or family room but I am a little old school and still think I like my kitchen sink to look out a window. What are your thoughts on that?
I love all the windows in this family room and the mantel too.
Master bath?  Yes please!
We were looking at a house plan with the master bedroom on the main level but my kids think it looks like a grandma’s house from the outside. Boy, once kids turn 14 the opinions never stop. My husband and I have to leave the apartment and have secret meetings at restaurants to talk about the house plans. That part is pretty fun.

The rustic ceiling looks so great for a study.
This house is gorgeous but it is so big and above our price range – not to mention that it’s way, way, way above my ability to keep clean. It’s just eye candy for us to get inspired from. There are some rooms missing from this tour but you can view the whole house at THIS LINK.
Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your day!