Frame Coasters

Are you a bargain shopper?

I sure am!

I went shopping at TJMaxx the other day and found two tables that were chuck full of kitchen and bar accessories. Anything having to do with wine, beer, cocktails …. etc.

Yes, the “unpopular” items in my neck of the woods have to do with wine. 🙂

Lucky for me.

I just laugh a little and then stock up.

This package of four slate coasters was on clearance for $1.50. So –  I bought a few.

I thought it might be fun to make a serving tray out of them or even some kitchen wall art.

Glue them to an old wooden frame and attach a bottle opener to one side or…

simply frame a favorite.

As I have lived in various states in the US – it’s been interesting to see what might not be trending in one place could be a super hot item in another.

I take advantage of the awesome deals where ever I go and try to be creative with what I find.


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KUNIs little white castle

Haaaaa perfect! You did a great job. I really like it. Also black and white


Love those- this area is usually far behind in what is \”trendy\” or \”hot\”. You are smart to snap things like that up when you can. Thought I would pop in and say Hi-waiting for John to get ready to go for treatment. xo Diana


Oh, yes … love a great bargain! And, you scored! I love these and what you've done with them … so creative! Happy Weekend!


What a great idea! I never would've thought to turn those coasters into wall art. Perfect looking! I actually need some new coasters. Mine are looking a bit dull and don't really do a very good job either.