Breakfast Nook

Do you have one area in your house that serves as a “drop zone” for EVERYTHING?

This is ours.

No matter how hard I try to make my kids use their desks for homework or install conveniently located hooks for coats and backpacks – it all ends up right here either way.

If you see under our workbench/dining table there are random containers that hold school and art supplies. I enjoy having my kids in the kitchen with me anyway – so who cares if there isn’t beautiful china or a fancy centerpiece on display here. Right?

If you read my blog once in awhile you know that I hold true to “home is all about livability first”.

Although, today I lit some candles because it shows better in a picture for you 🙂 . Maybe the candlelight will lure my kids over to notice those yummy apples instead of heading straight for the chips in the pantry. (not likely)

Have you noticed that I haven’t really done many house or furniture projects? I see so much potential in the “funkiness” of this place but…my hubby just sees $$$$$. But truly, we have been preoccupied with other things.

(I keep saying this – so skip this next paragraph if you like)

We finally found a school that meets the needs of our boys. We took them out of public school and put them in a charter school.  They wear a uniform, which is the best thing, and the school schedule is split into A and B days. For some reason that helps them stay organized and focused on fewer subjects per day and seems to give them a little break. The longer class periods make better sense for the teachers too. Less homework and more teacher instruction is a great fit.

It’s incredibly stressful when our children are unhappy. This has been the toughest place to make friends for our boys. Maybe it’s the age but I am sure feeling the guilt for taking them from their friends in Virginia. I think I have aged 10 years in 5 months.

So, in truth – the stress pretty much zaps my creative side.

As our lives take new shape here in Utah I am hoping to feel that creativity take its important place back in my life soon.

Whoa…I didn’t start this blog to complain about “what sucks today” so let’s move on.

How is your winter going anyway? It is so winter-y here in the Rocky Mountains. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

If I ever step outside on our bedroom deck this is what I see. There is a little creek below that sounds so peaceful.

Where ever you are, I hope you are having a wonderful season and I hope your kids/families are super happy!

Thanks for stopping by here – even though there isn’t a lot of DIY going on at the moment, I appreciate the visit.



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KUNIs little white castle

I think your drop-zone is so beautiful, that everyone wants to stay there :-)You should put some vegetables on it, and the kids will never sit there, hihihihiiiiHugs Kuni

Cheryl Thornton

Change is such a tough thing for most of us, but especially for boys I have foundThe same to be true with my own son. I am glad to hear that you have found them a better fit for school. The rest will fall into place soon I hope. Your drop zone looks cozy. Thanks for sharing itCheryl @ The Creative Me & My McG


Your blog posts are always wonderful to read no matter what subject you are writing about Hollie. Your blog is such a treat to visit & see what you are creating. I totally understand about the boys not being happy & how it worries you & stops your creativity. I went through the same thing with my two sons when we were farming & moving around alot (5 times in 9 years). It just makes you feel so uptight inside when you know they are unhappy. I hope & pray that they settle in their new school well & you… Read more »

marty (A Stroll Thru Life)

Love your island and if your family is like mine, they want to be in the middle of all the action and this looks like the spot.


No need to apologize for the lack of creative posts to share. I think it's been fun to see how you've settled in your new home. I really like the pic of your kitchen with the area that your kids do their homework. The pepsi crate looks like a great place to hold their school needs. Their school sounds like a good one! I worry about the tough years ahead for our son starting highschool. The one he will be starting this Fall is very large with lots of students. Fortunately, it is a good school but I know the… Read more »

Holly @ Down to Earth Style

I am leaving a comment on my own blog post just to let you all know that when I read comments like the ones above, tears come to my eyes and I am so thankful for my friends here. Thank you for the much needed support and love.Kuni…your vegetable comment makes me laugh out loud!

Ann Riesenberg

I just love your blog and style but never comment. My girls wore uniforms also and it made everything simpler. My oldest loved the block scheduling too. My youngest started public high school last year after being in private since kindergarten. There have been some rough days along the way but she has found a good group of friends from being involved in different sports and clubs.I pray for your boys that they may also find their friends and for peace for you.

Ann Riesenberg

I just love your blog and style but never comment. My girls wore uniforms also and it made everything simpler. My oldest loved the block scheduling too. My youngest started public high school last year after being in private since kindergarten. There have been some rough days along the way but she has found a good group of friends from being involved in different sports and clubs.I pray for your boys that they may also find their friends and for peace for you.

Beth Qualley

Holly,I'm so glad you have found a more positive plan for your boys. When our kids are unhappy it tugs at our hearts and all else is on hold. Parenting is so not easy. I hope you all find peace in this new school.I look forward to seeing your posts come up in my email! I am enjoying each time you reveal a new piece of your new home. It's gorgeous! I love seeing how you are reusing the pieces from your other homes in new place……your creativity has not stopped!!!I hope the new year brings you all peace ….thank… Read more »


Yes, it is so stressful and painful when our children are unhappy. I hope things improve for them! I will patiently wait for your creative juices to kick in, as I know it will be worth the wait!

reFresh reStyle

I love everything you do Holly! xoDebbie

Michele Alger

You know I think you are amazing now matter what, so that goes without saying. I do have to say that there is nothing like stress to squelch the creative juices more (besides fatigue maybe). Despite all that, I'm impressed with how much you still post. I love the inspiration I always find here!! XOXO

Whitney Shortt

Love your drop zone and your motto. Home while being beautiful, is all about family <3Whitney

chateau chic

It's so hard to see our kids having a difficult adjustment, but I know in time they'll find their place and start making friends. You're giving them the best and most important thing of all…a strong family who is always there for them! It's so fun to see you put your creative stamp on your new home, Holly!Mary Alice


It is so hard when kids are younger and older for them to adjust to new places, friends, schools. Sounds like the school they're in might be big part of helping them to acclimate and find new friends. It does take time. We used to move alot because I didn't have money for my kids (3 older ones at time) to be able to rent places in better neighborhoods, get into activities, etc. I was divorced and not making much money. I never knew how much they resented our position til kids got older and were able to voice their… Read more »

Shirley@Housepitality Designs

Making a move is so hard on kids but I am sure that this situation won't last long….We all have those areas of the \”drop zone\” however, your drop zone is beautiful and I can imagine the great activity there and the memories created there too!

Calypso In The Country

What a beautiful space! My kids both have desks in their rooms but usually end up at the kitchen table or island to do their homework! It's all about what makes them happy! You are missing a potentially huge storm on the east coast. We are in NJ and could get a ton of snow this weekend! My kids are watching the weather report constantly!Shelley

Christine Vandormolen

Holly, I am so glad that your boys are doing better and I hope things will only get better from now on. Every Mom reading this post totally gets it. Beautiful kitchen nook!!!! Love the large baskets under the table, perfect!!!!


We moved from Michigan to Indiana a almost 11 years ago due to a job transfer. Although my kids were older than yours are – late teens at the time – it was difficult for them and us too. I would say it took a year or more before things felt anywhere near like home. We had other stuff going on – my mom got diagnosed with cancer the day we closed on the sale of our home in Michigan and I was gone a lot for the first 6 months. Just hang in there, maybe find activities outside of… Read more »

Something Nice and Pretty

I always tell myself \”This to Shall Pass\” and it will for you, I hope and pray that your boys will just love their new school and friends in time. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment plus don't be so hard on yourself about being creative, your just taking a needed rest!♥Rondell

Lawanna Brown

Hi Holly, this is your mother speaking. I know how your heart has been torn moving the family to Utah, but I am sure a lot of thought went into the move. You have done the right thing. Pain and stress often times are the very thing we need to help us move forward and become the person we are meant to be. As for now, I know that it is hard and you are wondering if things will ever get better. Just know that you are loved, everyone has their health and your income sustains the family needs. All… Read more »