Breakfast Nook

Do you have one area in your house that serves as a “drop zone” for EVERYTHING?

This is ours.

No matter how hard I try to make my kids use their desks for homework or install conveniently located hooks for coats and backpacks – it all ends up right here either way.

If you see under our workbench/dining table there are random containers that hold school and art supplies. I enjoy having my kids in the kitchen with me anyway – so who cares if there isn’t beautiful china or a fancy centerpiece on display here. Right?

If you read my blog once in awhile you know that I hold true to “home is all about livability first”.

Although, today I lit some candles because it shows better in a picture for you 🙂 . Maybe the candlelight will lure my kids over to notice those yummy apples instead of heading straight for the chips in the pantry. (not likely)

Have you noticed that I haven’t really done many house or furniture projects? I see so much potential in the “funkiness” of this place but…my hubby just sees $$$$$. But truly, we have been preoccupied with other things.

(I keep saying this – so skip this next paragraph if you like)

We finally found a school that meets the needs of our boys. We took them out of public school and put them in a charter school.  They wear a uniform, which is the best thing, and the school schedule is split into A and B days. For some reason that helps them stay organized and focused on fewer subjects per day and seems to give them a little break. The longer class periods make better sense for the teachers too. Less homework and more teacher instruction is a great fit.

It’s incredibly stressful when our children are unhappy. This has been the toughest place to make friends for our boys. Maybe it’s the age but I am sure feeling the guilt for taking them from their friends in Virginia. I think I have aged 10 years in 5 months.

So, in truth – the stress pretty much zaps my creative side.

As our lives take new shape here in Utah I am hoping to feel that creativity take its important place back in my life soon.

Whoa…I didn’t start this blog to complain about “what sucks today” so let’s move on.

How is your winter going anyway? It is so winter-y here in the Rocky Mountains. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

If I ever step outside on our bedroom deck this is what I see. There is a little creek below that sounds so peaceful.

Where ever you are, I hope you are having a wonderful season and I hope your kids/families are super happy!

Thanks for stopping by here – even though there isn’t a lot of DIY going on at the moment, I appreciate the visit.