Happy New Year 2016

Hello…hope you all had a super fun Christmas.
This is our Christmas card photo that we sent out. My kids change so much every year!
I haven’t posted in a while because my laptop got zapped! Motherboard? Gone! That stuff drives me crazy. I didn’t take time to get situated with a new computer before Christmas. I had so much to get done at the last minute and I feel guilty for saying this but I am so glad Christmas is over.
I snapped a couple of photos of a some gifts I put together for family.
I loved this paper that I purchased from Homegoods.
I gave wooden tool boxes and bins filled with fruit, Moscow mule mugs w/ drink ingredients, up cycled furniture or handmade gifts to family this year. It was so fun to be with everyone for Christmas.
I love receiving cards from our friends and family who live far away and near. To display them I tacked two strips of twine to the top of our coat closet door and as Christmas cards arrived I punched a small hole in each and strung them up to enjoy all the sweet faces and warm wishes from our loved ones.
I am still working on my blogging set up after the crash of my laptop. I will be back to blogging regularly again soon  :/  (sigh)
Happy New Year!


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Love your family picture! Happy New Year!

Holly, love the gift baskets you put together for your family and friends. Looks so thought out and personalized. Keep up the good work. love ya, mom

nice family photo

Happy New Year in Utah!! Your home looks so nice.

Happy New Year! Your home looks like a resort with all of those amazing huge window views of the snow and wilderness beyond! I hate to hear that you had to replace your computer. That was a large expense right at Christmas time. But, we have to have our computers, don't we?! Now you shouldn't have to worry about it happening again for a long time.

Hi Holly, looking forward to all the new and exciting things you will be creating this Spring. Love the idea to display Christmas cards. I have always taped them to the back of the door, but maybe thing will change. Happy New Year! love ya, mom

Happy New Year Holly! Beautiful family photo.

Wishing you a wonderful start to the new year Holly. Love your family Christmas card picture. Beautiful.I have enjoyed coming to your blog this past year and seeing all your fun posts. Looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings with your blog. Happy New Year.Kris

Thank you Kuni!!! You too xo

Thank you Kuni!!! You too xo

Lovely family and lovely pics.I wish you and your family a really good and healthy year 2016Hugs Kuni