The Kitchen at Our UT House


Here are a few pictures of our kitchen.

The wood floors and cabinets are natural in color, which actually stays cleaner looking than darker wood even though I love a rich dark floor.
This is a great entertaining house, which we need to do more of. Two french doors walk out to the deck looking off into the woods.
I use this old table from the Goodwill as an island (I need to share how it was updated).
The only thing I have done to this room since we moved in is put some grey window panels up and a window shelf above the sink. I will tell you more about that shelf and decor in it’s own post soon.
This hall leads to the garage. Our laundry room and mudroom are down there too. It’s so convenient having the laundry room next to the kitchen.
You might recognize the rock wall in the foyer beyond the table and bathroom.
We still use the old workbench for our dining table. My horse picture is making the rounds. I have two of them. They are my favorite but every time I decorate a room, I steal one from one room for the space I am wanting to look pretty.
I was talking to one of my blogger friends explaining to her that my cabinets are a little fancy. The moldings are stacked to the ceiling with some ornate detail on them. I love the corbels on the bar and there are a lot of great quality features that I really appreciate. The shelves roll out, the doors are custom fit with no center stiles. they are glazed, etc. When this kitchen was remodeled in say the 1990’s (guessing) the owners didn’t skimp on quality.
But I have tried to give the room a more casual touch with all my old tables, chairs and thrifty style.
The space is super comfortable and easy to live in. The woman who lived here before refers to this room as a great room. She had a TV where the horse picture is and maybe even a sofa. Our table is a bit of a monster so it takes up most of that space all by itself, we call it the breakfast nook. I like that there are options in ways to arrange the furniture though. I will play with it more in the future and share with you – you know you can count on that.
Soon, I am going to ask you your opinion on the lighting in here.
Thanks for viewing my kitchen!
Enjoy your Sunday!
View our Utah house tour HERE.
A big thanks to House Beautiful for featuring my shower caddy storage HERE.

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This is really lovely, Holly! I love how you combined rustic and refined for such a personal style…it all comes together in a perfect, welcoming way!

I adore your floors! In our last house, we had gorgeous hand scraped dark wood floors and they showed every speck of dust, tiny crumb, you name it. I was constantly sweeping those floors. In our current home, we have honey oak floors. I love them. They may be dustier and have more fallen bits on them than my last floors, but it doesn't bother me if I can't see it! Your kitchen is beautiful!

I love your kitchen, Holly. It looks so warm and inviting. I know you are going to love it in the cold months ahead. xo Laura

Oh my WOW!!! Your kitchen is gorgeous and love all your decor touches. This seriously needs to be in a magazine to show everyone. Swooning!!!! Just beautiful.Kris

Your kitchen is huge! I bet you love having the space to do so much in your kitchen. I like the windows in there and the hallway leading to your garage, mudroom and laundry room. It seems like a good lay-out.

LOVE IT< Holly. You can tell those are quality cabinets, too. The detailing is beautiful. When we redid this house I went with wood floors that are similar in color to yours. I was SO tired of dark wood floors that show EVERYTHING—dust, dirt, hair you name it. Now there MAY be all of that on the lighter floor, too, but at least I can't see it…and if I take my contacts out it looks perfect! lolI can't wait to see more of your house. You are doing a great job pulling it all together. What a lovely home! Perfect… Read more »

Love the island! I've always wanted a big open space to live in. Just one big room and I'd be good. Imagine all the decorating possibilities!Brenda

Dear Holly!Wow, what a great shabby kitchen. I love it. Glad that i have found you. Nice greetings from austria. Your new followerKuni

DROOL!!!!!! LOVE the grey curtains, your table looks great in every house you've been it and the picture frame in the window is so cool!!!! Can you still open the window easy? How did you attach it? HUGS to UTAH!!!!!! XOXOOX

OOoohhhhh, luv your cabinets and bar area!!!! Such detailing. The way they mix so well with your rustic pieces.You know I have a soft spot for horse paintings 🙂

Oh I love it, such a roomy open space and so pretty. I adore you horse painting, gorgeous.

SO beautiful! I love all the touches of your style. Gorgeous bones to work with!!

WOW, Holly, WOW! This is just gorgeous. Although I love the \”bones\” of the kitchen (cabinets, counters, layout), what I really love is how your rustic furniture looks. Fantastic! Enjoy your new kitchen!