Make an Off Centered Fireplace Visually Symmetrical


As I have mentioned before in THIS post, our fireplace mantel is a bit off center.

The marble corbels and ledge don’t line up with the gas fireplace insert.

That bugs me…

So – I covered it up in pine wood.
This is where I started – pine 1x’s that are cut to fit snug against the marble mantel ledge. I used a table saw to cut the wood slats length-wise.
With a nail gun and wood glue the following picture shows how the vertical pine slats are stacked on top of one another in various widths. Two 2×4’s flank the sides horizontally and are secured with screws to the top side pieces you see in the above photo.
All of the pine wood is new and stained in Cabot brand – Midnight color stain. It’s a water based stain that is super easy to clean up and it dries so fast. I love it! My paint brush can be cleaned and reused even after staining. I am super happy about that.
Facing the fireplace the right side is thicker than the left side but since the corbels are now hidden with wood I can balance the whole mantel and facing with other items like….
a bucket of kindling that hangs from a garden hook.
Behind this garden urn, that is filled with natural tree clippings, is an electrical outlet where the fireplace plugs in. I don’t want to see that.
In the whole picture of the room – I can see the outlet but maybe there are enough other interesting places for your eyes to land.
I tried to get all of the walls in one photo so you can see the space and how it all goes together.
Don’t you think the dark stained mantel makes the room more interesting?
The rock mantel is actually a complete wall that wraps around to our foyer.
If you look closely to the above photo then you can see that the newly stained wood is not actually replacing the marble shelf or rock but simply sitting tightly in front of it. I like to keep design options open for the future in case I eventually get bored of it.
In my opinion, the new stained wood mantel makes for a more dramatic focal point than the previous mono toned mantel. (HERE)
Here are a couple more pics of the decor on the top ledge.
We were exploring in the mountains over the weekend and brought home some very beautiful wood that has been dried out completely.

I love natural, beautiful elements inside the home – especially in the colder months.

Freshly cut greens and electric candles illuminate the ledge among our natural fallen branches.
What natural accents do you bring in from outside? Do you have something unique to the area where you live?
I’d love to hear your ideas in a comment below.
Thanks for dropping in to view my mantel makeover. Please come again!
Enjoy your week!
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I really love the new surround you made for your fireplace. It is more in scale for the height of your fireplace. I like the dark color of it too. You have a lot of natural light in that room so you can carry off the darker color.

It looks great. I love what you do! I like to use acorns, the plumes from ornamental grasses in a vase. I need to get some of the berries from the plant I forget what is called. Maybe Bittersweet? Branches, stones. evergreens. Oh and the seed pods off of the Rose of Sharon. Im sure there is more but that is all I can think of right now.

It looks great Holly! Wonderful solution :)Debbie

Holly, you have really created a gorgeous showpiece with your new stained mantel and fireplace surround. It should make you feel fortunate that you had that little off-center problem to deal with in the first place! The \”before\” pic of the marble mantel looks like something that was put there by mistake! I love the color, the design and the way you finished it off with all of your decorative touches. The dried wood you brought in as decor for the mantel looks so warm and natural, just beautiful. My yard is home to 3 different kinds of pine trees.… Read more »

Holly I am in awe (AGAIN), what a genius idea and it looks soooo different and awesome!!! I love how you decorated everything with the sticks and branches!!! SUPER SUPER AWESOME!!!

I love it Holly. I think it give the room such character. Love that stone gorgeous. Looks beautiful.Kris

What a great solution. I never understand why architects design things that are so \”off center\”. I tend to like symmetry.

OMG -Nana Diana! LMAO!I have more oddities in my house than the fireplace being off center – the old boy? hahaha!

That was an absolutely GREAT idea, Holly. I don't know what people are thinking when they are designing things. I can't figure out why they would offset the thing. It is not even in the center of the rock wall either. How weird. That is a good disguise though and I really like the dark wood. I think it kind of grounds the fireplace and gives it some oomph. The overall room is really very pretty and I love the soaring ceilings and how light-filled it is. Every house has some quirks and oddities and I guess that is yours.… Read more »

Holly, I agree the stained mantle stands out more and is definitely a focal point as you mentioned.I like to bring in fresh cypress from the trails in my neighborhood and lately, bittersweet.