New Front Door Color

I mentioned earlier this year that I wanted to try a new color on the front door. It was black before (HERE).
Our front door is really pretty in that it is extra tall, not the standard 85 inches. The center glass has some iron work inside and the door handle is a nice heavy bronze.
When the door was black, all that unique character blended in with the black painted siding. Our house is wood and stucco.
When I am giving directions to my house to a friend I say – “Ours is the black and white house”.
I love that it is surrounded by mature trees and the mountains are so close – well, we are on the mountain really. Deer are in our yard a lot.
Some of our neighbors complain about the deer eating their garden plantings. I say (not out loud) “Well, we do live right in their natural habitat”.Aren’t we lucky!?
It even snowed here this morning. My boys were amazed at the white flurries but disappointed that school was not called off. No more snow days, East Coast Boys! We are in the high country now.
Notice that all of the pumpkins have gone away. I am ready to move on to Christmas – today.
The new front door color is by Behr (Home Depot) It’s called Aged Olive. I think it will go great with all colors of each season.

I know some of you are saying ….show the kitchen 🙂 …it’s coming.

Have a fun weekend and see you again soon!


12 Replies to “New Front Door Color”

  1. Holly, What a beautiful door. I bet it just POPS now. Love the color, too. It is nice and earthy and blends in with your surroundings. Good call! xo Diana

  2. Haha. You are too funny. I've been dying to see the kitchen. I love the color of the front door. You are right. The details just pop now. I had an olive green door before we replaced it. I loved it.

  3. Bonjour,Je dĂ©couvre avec dĂ©lice cette jolie publication avec la rĂ©novation de votre porte… Très rĂ©ussi ! Bravo !Vos photos sont magnifiques.Brrrr… ! dĂ©jĂ  la neige !Aujourd'hui encore, nous avons pu dĂ©jeuner dehors tant les tempĂ©ratures Ă©taient douces et le soleil prĂ©sent. Il est vrai que c'est assez exceptionnel en cette pĂ©riode de l'annĂ©e et j'avoue que j'ai savourĂ© cette belle journĂ©e.Gros bisous ♡ et un grand merci pour votre gentil petit commentaire.

  4. It has been fun seeing your house. I love the new door color. It really helps accent the door and gives your home even more character. I can't believe you're getting snow already! It is warm here with a constant rain falling. I haven't seen the sun in days. We're wearing shorts in November which is not the norm! I'm looking forward to seeing the sun next Wednesday. That's when it's supposed to re emerge.

  5. It's very pretty. I had a wild hair last year and painted the inside of my front door orange. I was going through a rather \”bohemian\” stage that didn't last very long. Now it is white.Brenda

  6. The paint color really makes a difference. My front door blends into the rest of my house and I have been contemplating giving it a new paintjob. I have been considering brighter colors, but I really like the color you chose. I may have to revisit my local paint kiosk and get some samples in more natural earth tones.Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware

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