Fur Throw and a Bargain Chair

A couple of weeks ago I went shopping with my darling friend to the Salvation Army. I have to say that the people working there are so nice. We looked over every bit of the place even the outside area where new items are dropped off. I spotted this metal outdoor chair there.

It even rocks!
The employees at the SA hadn’t had a chance to put a price on it yet but they let me have it for $5! I feel like I stole it. There was a ton of merchandise though and I think they wanted to get it all moved inside before the snow comes.
Later in the week my brother and I went to Downtown SLC and explored some sweet shops and a market. That is where I picked up this sheep skin. It was not so inexpensive but I love supporting local shop owners and since I got such a bargain on the chair…well 🙂  The fur lays over the back and seat of the metal rocker. 
I had searched for a cushion but when I spotted the fur throw I knew I found a match.
Can you see how the metal has rusted perfectly? I was so lucky to find this thing! You wouldn’t think it would be comfortable to sit in but it actually is!
When my friend asked me what I did with my bargain find she was a little surprised when I told her I was using it inside. It’s a perfect size for a little corner in just about any room.
Mazi was posing for so long that I had to snap a picture of her too.
Well,,.when a prize like this comes along I have to share with you. I can see this bargain chair being in my home for a long time – in lots of different places. Kind of exciting!
Enjoy your day and come by again!