Fur Throw and a Bargain Chair

A couple of weeks ago I went shopping with my darling friend to the Salvation Army. I have to say that the people working there are so nice. We looked over every bit of the place even the outside area where new items are dropped off. I spotted this metal outdoor chair there.

It even rocks!
The employees at the SA hadn’t had a chance to put a price on it yet but they let me have it for $5! I feel like I stole it. There was a ton of merchandise though and I think they wanted to get it all moved inside before the snow comes.
Later in the week my brother and I went to Downtown SLC and explored some sweet shops and a market. That is where I picked up this sheep skin. It was not so inexpensive but I love supporting local shop owners and since I got such a bargain on the chair…well 🙂  The fur lays over the back and seat of the metal rocker.
I had searched for a cushion but when I spotted the fur throw I knew I found a match.
Can you see how the metal has rusted perfectly? I was so lucky to find this thing! You wouldn’t think it would be comfortable to sit in but it actually is!
When my friend asked me what I did with my bargain find she was a little surprised when I told her I was using it inside. It’s a perfect size for a little corner in just about any room.
Mazi was posing for so long that I had to snap a picture of her too.
Well,,.when a prize like this comes along I have to share with you. I can see this bargain chair being in my home for a long time – in lots of different places. Kind of exciting!
Enjoy your day and come by again!


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  1. What a great old piece, Holly…and it is definitely a BARGAIN! Love your throw, too…and the pillow! Hope you have a wonderful day- xo Diana

  2. I can see why you love that chair. It's so unique and looks great in your house! I love how the sheepskin softens it and the round pillow gives it interest too. I love a good deal like that.

  3. Your chair is beautiful Holly – I would've definately snaffled that up too. I love shopping at our Salvation Army – we only have a small store in our town, but a bigger one when I go over to the city. The staff in ours are very friendly too. Mazi is just so gorgeous – does she start posing when she sees you bring the camera out ??? Have a lovely weekend Holly (its Friday here) x x x

  4. Sweet find Holly!Well, you know SA is near and dear to my heart… having volunteered there 19 years and worked for 3 years until I resigned to take care of the LITTLES. You styled it perfectly too! Luv.The lamp you paired it with…. WANT!!Hugs, Gee

  5. the sheep skin is perfect Holly…I have been into sheepskins as well, Ikea has some nice ones, both fake and real. I hope you have an IKEA near by in Utah. Next time I go up there I am planning on getting 2 grey colored sheep skins to put over my new kitchen stools. Super rusty chair find, all glammed up with a fur and a fancy pillow!

  6. Holly, you might enjoy knowing that you picked up a vintage Homecrest wire chair from the 1960's and it's quite collectible. The company also seeks them out to repurchase as part of their vintage mcm line. I just had a set refinished last year as part of an outdoor space remodel and absolutely love them. Great find!

  7. Hi Holly,Ok Mazi is so adorable!!! The chair and throw are awesome. I love to bring things for the outdoors inside too.The chair is perfect in that spot. Great finds.Kris

  8. I've been peeking at your blog off and on for a while now and lovehow creative you are in decorating your home! It's beautiful! I especially love those gorgeous cream colored curtains (drapes) in your living room(?). Did you make them and could you give any information on them? I searched your blog and couldn't find anything about them.Thank you so much!Paulla

  9. Hello Anonymous! :)Thank you and yes, those window panels are nice but I can't take credit. They were here when we moved in. I would guess that they are custom made, knowing the previous owner. They don't completely close, they are just for show. If you would like more photos of them email me at hbrowning72@gmail.comThanks for your message and thanks for visiting Down to Earth Style!Holly

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