Make Your Foyer Approachable w/ a Bench

Are you ready to move on to Christmas decor from fall? I sure am. Today I purchased this Jolly pillow at Homegoods. The pillow-ey texture and pop of red are just what my foyer needed to make it more welcoming.

We mostly use our garage door for entering our home but the front door is where our guests come in. I like my house to feel comfortable to our visitors from the first step into our foyer.

Come in and stay a while…

Soft textures, a place to drop shoes and a coat make it easy to stay and be comfortable. It helps to say – “we live here – this is no museum“.

I put together this simple bench yesterday. At first I didn’t think I had room for one but in reality – I had 12 inches in depth plus the length of the railing. The bench ends up being 60 inches long and 11 3/4 inches deep.

If you want a bench for your foyer, make one in a size that is custom fit for your own space. I have a tutorial HERE on how to make a sturdy bench.

Top it with a seasonal pillow and use it. Live there!

Guests are relaxed when a home has a small bit of disarray. Be comfortable in your space and your guests will be too.

With the holidays coming up – it’s important to remember that we all have homes that we just live in.

Happy Holiday Decorating!

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