Making a Laundry Room Work

Who loves dirty laundry?
Not me!
I have to get my laundry room in order before I can push through all of the loads of clothes and towels that come my way.
But I have a quirky pet peeve about laundry rooms that I finally figured out.
Every house I have had since having children (= tons of laundry) I have simply removed the door.
I am basically the only person that uses this room and I surely don’t need privacy. I would rather have the whole floor to spread out my piles. By removing the door I figure I gain about 8 inches of floor space plus the width of the door and moving about is much easier.
See that cabinet? The door to this room completely covered it when it was open so it made it very difficult to access.
The top drawers are junk drawers (pens, erasers, staples, measuring tape, rubber bands – etc. etc. etc..) I couldn’t give up prime real estate in the kitchen for junk so it all lands here – just down the hall from the kitchen next to the garage and mudroom.
A few other things make the chore of doing laundry more pleasant like this drying rack that hangs on the wall above the cabinet.
Next to that sits a shelf which is actually a bi-fold door. Along the bottom there are little eye hooks for muslin fabric to hang from like a curtain that hides the cords and utility knobs.
The galvanized bucket holds lost and single socks.
Across from all that is where clean clothes can hang.
This rolling rack is from Target. It was so easy to put together.
The shelving unit was a $5 find at Goodwill. It holds detergent, bleach and softener which are all within easy reach.
The baskets are for clean clothes. I purchased four of them from TJ Maxx. They are labeled with a letter for each person who lives here. I just drilled a hole through the MDF letters. (Walmart for $1.47 each – just paint)
Under the window are some hooks which I find so useful in any room.
And last but not least ~ a TIP Jar. 🙂
Oh, before I let you go, I have to share a clever idea with you from my mom. When using a liquid detergent, throw the whole cup of soap into the washer and let it go through your wash cycle to avoid sticky soap cups. I just sift it out before throwing the clothes into the dryer. The cup stays fresh!
You’re welcome!
I was actually super excited to do laundry after I finished organizing this space but that wore off pretty fast. Darn it!
Thanks for stopping by and have a fun day!
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I love your laundry room! And yes, kids = tons of laundry! I am thinking of taking the door of our laundry room too because it really gets in the way but then people will know I always have laundry waiting! Just found your blog from White Buffalo Company–your kitchen is amazing! I love your marble table!Annie- All Things Big And Small

Love the cup trick from your Mom! I am totally implementing that step into my routine!

You're so lucky to have a little cabinet in yours. Taking the door off is such a great idea. One of my son's girlfriends did the cap thing. I never thought of it before. I love that you have room for a rolling rack. Fabulous.

all super cute!~be blessedBarb

Those are all such helpful tips. You're lucky to have such a spacious laundry room. That is the one thing that I can't change about my house. Mine is small. My next house will have a larger laundry room!

Your laundry room looks GREAT, Holly. You have done a fantastic job and taking off the door makes a lot of sense. Your mom and I are old school- I have done that for years, too. lol I had hoped to redo my laundry room before winter sets in but I don't think that is happening. xo Dianaps. Not sure if you got a chance to sign up for the giveaway on my blog. You might love the signs there! Here's the link if you want to sign up.

So fresh and pretty Holly. Right now mine is a catch all as we ate redoing some things around the home… does not make for a good laundry experience I can tell you!!May be borrowing some of your cute ideas. Hugs, Gee

This room looks GREAT! Thanks for sharing.Best,Michelle from