Sleep Like A Baby ~ OK!

Hello my friends! I am pretty excited to show you my bedroom today.

After living in our home for a couple of months now, I finally feel like I am getting used to how we “live” here. At first I placed furniture and accessories in a similar way that we had it at our last house. It was fine but not uber, or anything.
The kids had to adjust to a new school and they needed my attention a lot, however, as things settle down, I find myself wanting to make this house our home.
All it takes to get some energy for “styling” my rooms and putting my signature on them is a bit of free time and one or two new accents.
Let me show you what is new now…
I know that may not sound exciting to you but these are actually real silk pillow covers.
If you read my blog here and there, you know I am pretty practical. Function is key to my taste in design but comfort is as equally important
I don’t treat myself to luxuries very often so I was way excited to sleep on these softies and share them with you..
As I place furnishings around my bedroom, they need a purpose but still speak “me”.
Last summer when OOSILK sent me a sweet email asking if I would like to try some of their products I was immediately attracted to their lovely linens.
I blog for fun, not for perks but when an opportunity comes along that is something I want to try then I do. I thought silk bedding sounded dreamy but I’ve wondered; “would silk bedding be too delicate for me?” 
In my reply back to OOSILK, while trying not to be greedy, I requested king size pillow cases in two different colors: White & Grey.
When they arrived – I felt like it was my birthday opening up a thoughtfully wrapped gift.
The pillow cases came with little color swatches that OOSILK offers: so if white is safe at first – you can compare another color to match your patterns right in your own room.
I washed them on a quick wash cycle and dried them in the drier – nothing special.
While lying on them, I feel like they are so much more gentle on my skin as I sleep on my face. Pleased with the shine of the fabric, softness on my skin and a full night of dreamy sleep – I am recommending them.
The pillow covers were just the kick start I needed to find a few more pieces to add to our bedroom. The hooks on the wall are old but new to this space and my old trunk has resurfaced from hiding under the stairs. I can use that for storing cozy blankets this up-coming winter.
I am a reader so I need a place to throw my books. They tend to clutter my night table so this basket makes for a quick clean sweep. My hubby doesn’t clutter his night table so I adorned his with an old 11 x 14 wood frame stuffed with a medium sized vine wreath then the night stand is finished with a lit candle for romance… 😉
Rustic & casual would describe my style in a nutshell but adding a little elegance in the mix helps balance my kind of practical and pretty!
Looks like I am getting ready to Sleep Like A Baby!
Ooooh – Yawn…
Sweet dreams to you and a goodnight wish for you from me!