A Birch Branch Lights Up an Outdor Happy Hour

We have a birch tree in the front yard. There was one limb that looked like it was dying and it snapped off easily with a light tug. Birch branches are so beautiful.

Instead of putting it in the firewood pile, I used it to light up the evening after placing it in the picnic table’s center hole and adding white strand twinkle lights.

The other branch lying beside our “table tree” is an old branch we picked up on our vacation to Yellowstone a couple of years ago, a natural souvenir.

It still feels like summer in the day time but as soon as we watch the beautiful sunset, it cools off quite a bit so bringing out some fuzzy blankets before hand dresses the table setting up for fall and provides a cozy coverlet for cold shoulders.

This is the deck that sits right outside of our kitchen. Two sets of french doors lead to this tree surrounded space that is one of my favorite places to enjoy coffee in the mornings, too.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope your weather is as beautiful as ours is here along the Wasatch Front.