Neutral with Texture

HI Friends!
I am sharing my favorite room with you today. It’s our family room on the main level of our house.

There are two steps down to this comfy space from our Music Room/Office.
Mazi will show you…
A lot of the accents in here you’ve probably seen before from our last house.
Like this horse canvas that I found at Homegoods a few years ago. He is amazing! I haven’t found such a great piece like that in a really long time, although, I keep my eye out for them.
Our coffee table is just a tag sale trunk. It’s full of photos from when my babies were small. I need to get some great looking wheels to rise it up a few inches..
I washed all the slip covers on our furniture yesterday. They smell so fresh today so I wish you could be here to sit and chat with me. The sun is shining through and I have fresh coffee or orange juice for you. 🙂
Our rock mantel and fireplace are a bit off center (?). To even that out I put a small stand here. It also covers an outlet. One day it would be cool to redo the off center part of the mantel in weathered wood or something.
The windows in this room are tall. It brings great light in but it’s still private because of the mature trees out front.
The windows are low in this house because it was built in the 1970’s. I know the building code for Utah calls for higher window ledges in new homes. The large windows here are one reason why I love this house – Sun!
Mazi can even keep watch out for squirrels since she is such a shorty (an 8 lb Morkie).
I have a hard time using color in my decor but I love color in other people’s houses. I just use textures to make my space more interesting. Like, when I go shopping I can’t pass up these soft faux fur blankets at Homegoods.
I just noticed that even my dog is a neutral color with texture! She is so soft and sweet. She loves to pose for pictures, too.
Contrasting (non)-colors, furs, old wood, metals and woven baskets keep the space from feeling sterile. I love an all white pallet in cottage style homes but our house is not really “cottage”. I am hoping for lots of snow so we can feel like we are in a mountain resort…Wait – we are in the mountains.
My Dad let me bring home his vintage Pepsi crate. 🙂 My Mom let me bring home her beautiful round mirror that I placed front and center on the mantel. (perks of living by family – among many other things)
THX Mom and Dad!
That wraps up this post of my favorite room in the mountains.
More to come!
Thanks for stopping by to view our family room decked out in Neutrals and Textures.
Happy Monday!!!

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Oh, Holly, your family room is cozy and inviting…..not sterile at all! I'm a real color person, but I can truly appreciate the beauty and warmth of neutrals. Mazi is so cute!

Carole West

I love this – neutrals are great and very calming. Your dog is adorable.Carole @ Garden Up Green

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow

Your house / room is very nice but I LOVE your little dog! 🙂 Adorable !

Oliva Ohlson

Mazie is too cute…I love her!!!Your room looks very bright and open, and the colors are perfect! I would love to have windows like yours!

Mary K.- In the boondocks

Beautiful room. And so what if you don't use colors. It is far from boring. You use Texture, and wood and of course there is Mazi who can lighten up any room. Thanks for inviting us in for a cup of coffee.


Your family room is so warm and inviting. Love the natural light coming into the room too.Mazi is too adorable.Kris

Christine Vandormolen

ohhhh and come tell me what you think about my spool table I told you about!!!

Christine Vandormolen

Happy Monday to you too Holly…I will have the coffee, not the orange juice, scootch over and make some room on the sofa for me!!! Would love to come hang out in person!!!! MUAHHHHH


I was just wondering about when your house was built. I was going to say the 80's! I like the tall ceilings and Windows. You done a good job making it cozy and pretty. I'm a neutral girl too.


Holly- LOVE that room. It looks very loved and welcoming. I think it is so wonderful that you are close to family and that they gift you with things that have a special meaning to you. You are going to LOVE that room come winter, too. I went from all white a few years ago to light earthy tones and like it…but…I think next time it will be back to the whites/neutrals for me, too. xo Diana


Everything looks so pretty!! Mazi is adorable.Kathy

Katie Mansfield

Mazi is such a cutie. I think she loves your low windows. The family room is wonderful. I love your decor.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life)

Such a pretty room. I love the neutral color scheme and the texture. Perfect.

Gee Singh Newbanks

How luvly!! Your rooms never disappoint Holly. Always an inspiration to me. And you know how I feel about horse paintings :)Looking forward to the other reveals.

Cozy Little House

Looks very cozy. I know living close to family is very important. My Abi poses for every photo I'm trying to take. Mine are big pupster Yorkies. About 10-12 pounds.Brenda

Sunflowers With Smiles

Looks like you moved just like me. I am in the midst of redecorating my home too! I sure do enjoy and love it! I agree, I love texture in rooms, too! Mazi is adorable!Enjoy your new home!