Sharing Our Music Room & Office

Happy Monday!

Today I took some pictures of the room where we keep our piano. It includes a sitting area and our office space.

This is a long open room with vaulted ceilings and one full wall of southern exposure windows. The natural light is what made me love this house as I walked through the door for the first time.

The office space is behind the leather club chairs. I have shared more on that in THIS post.

We have one interior wall on the main floor where the piano can go. I imagine this space had been a formal dining area for one of the previous owners based on the chandelier hanging there.The hall to the left goes to our kitchen.

Above the piano I hung these pictures that I can’t seem to get myself to update. This particular time in our lives when the pictures were taken was incredible! I smile and sometimes cry when I see my boys’ faces so sweet and small.

I place a table runner over the antique piano top for protection from watered plants that I sometimes like to put there and from dust (who wants to dust? – Not me!).
View from the entryway.
I used my old Canon Powershot camera for some of these pictures – I wish they were more clear. I should have waited until early evening to take the pictures but I am making dinner. 🙂 (go me!)
Clippings from the scrub oak trees in our backyard are placed in some Goodwill pewter cups. They are short enough to not obstruct the view of my babies faces above.
I have more to share of our house but I have been super slow at making each room livable spectacular.
Most of my attention has been with my kids and their school work lately. We are adjusting – though slowly. Unfortunately, but realistically, it takes about 18 months to feel at home when we move.
This Utah weather makes me feel like I am in heaven, though, and my parents get to pop in for dinner tonight. WOW! Lucky me!
Have a fun week!
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[…] a space it’s own purpose depends on the furniture and how it is placed. This is our combo room. The piano has to go on that interior wall so rather than a formal dining space – it becomes […]

Sunflowers With Smiles

Love the room with the view! Your kids are adorable too! I just moved recently and it takes me awhile to make it just RIGHT! Well at least, I am in no hurry at all….Too much travel for me and enjoying the beautiful outdoors here in NC! Have a great week!

Beverly Shortes

I love your curtains! Can you tell me where you found them? Your house is beautiful!


It's so fun getting to see pics of your new house! This house is so different from the last two that you've had. It's so open and has such high ceilings and windows. I love all the light and the views look like they're amazing.


What a beautiful and unique layout. Cannot wait to see more! ~Kim

Whitney Shortt

Love those pewter cups! So simple and pretty <


Hi Holly- I am back after a long break and was happy to see a post from you. I love the old piano–it is like the one I grew up with…wish I still had it. I love the pictures above it–and yes, it is hard to let go of \”good years\”, isn't it? It can sweep you right back to the moment when you look at those faces. They are beautiful pictures.Hope you are doing well–how nice to be able to have your parents over for dinner..that's the best part of it all! xo Diana

Katie Mansfield

I love what your doing with the house. I can't wait to see the kitchen. I'm sorry the boys are have a tough transition. Hopefully, they will come to love their new school and appreciate being near family. Are you getting to meet some new people?

Cozy Little House

What phenomenal natural light you have! I've been thinking about the boys and their trouble fitting in. Is it getting any better? So hard to be their age!Brenda


The room is wonderful already. Those windows are amazing! I bet you just love all the natural light. The pictures of your kids should be there. My boys are 23 and 26 but I still love to look at their little freckle faces. We have them all over the house.

Lori Merrill

Hello, So glad to hear from you. Always love your post's. Enjoy your new home. Lori