Sharing Our Music Room & Office

Happy Monday!

Today I took some pictures of the room where we keep our piano. It includes a sitting area and our office space.

This is a long open room with vaulted ceilings and one full wall of southern exposure windows. The natural light is what made me love this house as I walked through the door for the first time. 

The office space is behind the leather club chairs. I have shared more on that in THIS post.

We have one interior wall on the main floor where the piano can go. I imagine this space had been a formal dining area for one of the previous owners based on the chandelier hanging there.The hall to the left goes to our kitchen.

Above the piano I hung these pictures that I can’t seem to get myself to update. This particular time in our lives when the pictures were taken was incredible! I smile and sometimes cry when I see my boys’ faces so sweet and small.

I place a table runner over the antique piano top for protection from watered plants that I sometimes like to put there and from dust (who wants to dust? – Not me!).
View from the entryway. 
I used my old Canon Powershot camera for some of these pictures – I wish they were more clear. I should have waited until early evening to take the pictures but I am making dinner. 🙂 (go me!)
Clippings from the scrub oak trees in our backyard are placed in some Goodwill pewter cups. They are short enough to not obstruct the view of my babies faces above.
I have more to share of our house but I have been super slow at making each room livable spectacular.
Most of my attention has been with my kids and their school work lately. We are adjusting – though slowly. Unfortunately, but realistically, it takes about 18 months to feel at home when we move.
This Utah weather makes me feel like I am in heaven, though, and my parents get to pop in for dinner tonight. WOW! Lucky me!
Have a fun week!