Make a Rag-Knot Pot Skirt {Tutorial}

Fall is in the air (or, so it should be). I see pumpkins & gourds all over town but I am still wearing flip flops and shorts. It’s still very hot! But since it’s October I pulled out a little fall decor for the porch.

The great thing about this time of year is that some live plants in the garden shops are marked down to half price. This is a perfect time so get to know a new kind of plant that you haven’t nurtured before (if you are willing to give her a little extra love and care).
Some plants don’t look all that healthy at the end of the season but can be brought back to a lively green with some fresh soil and a larger pot for their roots to stretch out and grow.
I found this succulent for about $6. When I searched for a pot to hold her they were still pretty expensive for the kind I really wanted so in the end I brought home an inexpensive black resin pot.
The pot was really plain but I had an idea to make it stand out more against our dark colored house.
You know how I like to adorn my pots with twig wreaths, especially in the fall.
Well, with some inexpensive muslin fabric. I tied a long strip of fabric around the center and used hot glue to hold it in place.
I didn’t stop there. I just started going to town making a rag-knot skirt for the pot by tying random length pieces of muslin all the way around.
Here is how:
I figured if it turned out ugly, there are other things I could do with the fabric strips (ideas HERE).
Once the skirt was full enough I poured some fresh soil inside, broke lose the roots of my plant and placed her inside. I rubbed my hands over the fabric to dust off the dry dirt and doing so also made the fabric lay in a messy fashion.
I like the whimsical texture. It mixes well with some rustic accents and pumpkins against the dark house.
You are probably wondering what I will do when it rains. Turns out, it rarely rains in Utah and besides if the fabric gets dirty and grungy looking, I might like it or I might just throw it away. Our porch is covered though and I only expect this plant to live outdoors until our first frost (which I am actually looking forward to).
With a few pumpkins, a bargain bench, creepy spider and the Rag-Knot Pot Skirt my porch is prepared to welcome October.
Thanks for stopping by and –
Happy Fall Y’all!
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