First Glimpse at Our New House in Utah

Hello Friends!

I am finally getting around to taking pictures of our new space to share with you. This move has been a little hectic. It is so great being by my family!  However, moving my 12 year old boys has been tough. I grew up in the same house all my life so I don’t know what it is like to switch schools and be “the new kid”. Apparently – it stinks!
I am trying to put my mom guilt aside and make the best of where we are at in life. Time always helps. (smiley face)
Our home is one place I am loving. The windows are amazing and the sun is so bright. The color scheme throughout the home is very “creamy”. I purchased these leather club chairs for the front room to go near our piano.
Just behind the leather chairs is where I sit and write to you. 🙂 A little office space furnished with a couple of light metal chairs and saw horses topped with a basic plywood top stained dark to provide desk space.
My armoire and favorite rocking chair are gathered here also and it makes for a cozy and sun filled place for me to read and write.
Next to my rocking chair is a step down to a family room where the TV and fireplace are.
I do not have the appropriate lens for my camera to take wide view shots at the moment but I will soon. The TV sits on an antique chest of drawers and fits inside a recessed wall area.
The ceilings are tall and the rock mantel wall extends around to the foyer. I like the texture.
This is a really cozy room that gets a lot of natural light but is also hidden from the front entrance. I love to watch movies in this room. It’s private and so comfortable.
…And of course, my Mazi dog is happy as a pig so long as she has company. She is more clingy than usual since the move but I don’t mind having her next to me all day through.
I am ordering a new camera lens today so I can take some better pictures of whole room views. My priorities have been with my family during these last several weeks and continue to be but I do want to share how I make this new place home with you. I hope you will come back again.
Happy Fall (almost)! 

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