First Glimpse at Our New House in Utah

Hello Friends!

I am finally getting around to taking pictures of our new space to share with you. This move has been a little hectic. It is so great being by my family!  However, moving my 12 year old boys has been tough. I grew up in the same house all my life so I don’t know what it is like to switch schools and be “the new kid”. Apparently – it stinks!
I am trying to put my mom guilt aside and make the best of where we are at in life. Time always helps. (smiley face)
Our home is one place I am loving. The windows are amazing and the sun is so bright. The color scheme throughout the home is very “creamy”. I purchased these leather club chairs for the front room to go near our piano.
Just behind the leather chairs is where I sit and write to you. 🙂 A little office space furnished with a couple of light metal chairs and saw horses topped with a basic plywood top stained dark to provide desk space.
My armoire and favorite rocking chair are gathered here also and it makes for a cozy and sun filled place for me to read and write.
Next to my rocking chair is a step down to a family room where the TV and fireplace are.
I do not have the appropriate lens for my camera to take wide view shots at the moment but I will soon. The TV sits on an antique chest of drawers and fits inside a recessed wall area.
The ceilings are tall and the rock mantel wall extends around to the foyer. I like the texture.
This is a really cozy room that gets a lot of natural light but is also hidden from the front entrance. I love to watch movies in this room. It’s private and so comfortable.
…And of course, my Mazi dog is happy as a pig so long as she has company. She is more clingy than usual since the move but I don’t mind having her next to me all day through.
I am ordering a new camera lens today so I can take some better pictures of whole room views. My priorities have been with my family during these last several weeks and continue to be but I do want to share how I make this new place home with you. I hope you will come back again.
Happy Fall (almost)!

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Robyn Harmon

It is hard to take responsibility for the happiness of an entire family, including pets. When starting a new life in a new place you cannot take away the feelings of fear, guilt, or loneliness, but you can give your family and yourself peace by ensuring that all your family's belongings, from the smallest to the largest, to comfort you.Robyn Harmon @ Hills Moving

Willard Evans

What a lovely home! I understand the difficulty that comes with moving, as I had to move with my two sons some years ago now. I believe that it is not the home that makes the people, but the people that make the home. With time your boys will forget completely about your previous home. Best wishes to you all.Willard Evans @ Wow! Homes

Whitney Shortt

I love the saw horse table! Where did you find that style of saw horses or did the table come already built?


I haven't stopped by in awhile and love the look of the new home… of course you could make a tent look beautiful! It looks amazing and look forward to more. Your kids will adjust quickly they are very resilient! Take care kiddo and enjoy the journey!

Gina Greene

Hey. Love your new home! You make everything look amazing. Can you explain what you did at the top of the curtain panels on the windows in your study? It looks so cool. Hope your boys get adjusted and I know you'll love being back by your family!

Rustic Maple Elizabeth

Your home is looking cozy already. Hoping the kids settle in at school soon. All the best!

Lawanna Brown

Holly, so happy to finally have you back home. We love it, so fun to stop by or meet for a quick lunch. I love, love, love your house also. I know that it is going to take time for the boys to adjust to a new school and friends, but I know it will all come together in time. The good things in life are never easy. Patience is a virtue. love ya, mom

Mary K.- In the boondocks

Your house is lovely. I really like the detail on the top of the curtains. Very original. Thanks for sharing your new space and enjoy your new home.


It's good to hear from you and to see Mazie. I know all to well about moving and stress. Been taking a breakCindy


Holly,I am so excited for you. Your house is so cozy and pretty.Kris


How pretty! I'm so glad to finally be able to see some pics. I love it so far. Love how you've decorated it too. I have never moved my kids while they were in school nor have I been a kid that moved while in school, so I empathize with your kids right now. I hope that they will make lots of new friends and feel settled in soon.


It looks like a wonderful home, Holly. I would love all of the light too. I hope your boys get adjusted soon – It really does just take some time. You will soon be creating wonderful new memories.

Michele Alger

So fun to see your beautiful chairs and how you are decorating your new house. It all looks so cozy and serene!! *HUGS!!*

Katie Mansfield

i hope they adjust soon. Your new house looks amazing. I can't wait to see more.

Gee Singh Newbanks

Bright beautiful space Holly!!Aaahhhh… moving. I can so relate . My dad was a cop in the British rural police force in Belize in Central America, kind of like being in the military here. Gosh… we moved so often. One time we were in a home for only 9 months then we moved again. I never made friends (sad!!!) The longest we ever lived in one place, was 5 years. I was thankful. Then we moved to NYC :)YEAH!!!!Poor chaps. Time will remedy that. Plus they are near family. All the better!!Hugs, Gee


It's hard to move even when you want to. I bet your kids will adjust asap. Your new place looks great already!

Sherri S.

Beautiful new space. Thank you for sharing your home! I wouldn't mind that sweet little doggie clinging to me all day either. 🙂 Blessings…Sherri