Imagining….New Home – New Design

Don’t fall off your chair – I am posting twice in one week!

I know, my blog takes the backseat during summer months b/c I am usually out playing. This summer I keep dreaming of decorating our new home (moving soon).

Here are some pictures from Pinterest and other blogs that are inspiring me these days.

The lightness mixed with natural texture and a simple color scheme.
Black, white and natural mixed together.
This house is super cute all the way through.
Our new house has light wood floors and light carpet so I won’t have this look exactly but it sure does make me want to decorate!
I am getting impatient for moving day to come!  A fresh new start sounds wonderful to me.
The best home feature I am looking forward to in our new place is the natural light that comes in through the large back windows.
Can’t wait to share it with you!
Have a happy week!
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I came over to catch up. Summer blogging stinks…I always have more I want to do outside, with the kids, furniture flips, etc. I sit at my desk to blog only to look outside at the sunshine, and my mind wanders off thinking about what I could be building because we all know I don't build as often in the winter. So excited for you in your new home! Simply can't wait to see what you do!! Miss seeing you around often, but it's always great to catch up reading your posts!

Christine Vandormolen

Hey Holly…oh yes I was determined to paint that space, not really scared of heights but I wasn't real happy up there either….The color is actually a little lighter than it looks in the picture. I could not get good photos for the life of me against the light coming in.As you can see I am shedding all my red accent colors one at a time and jumping on the neutral train again with lots of contrast. Which part of Utah are you moving to? We are on vaca in AZ at the moment roasting to a nice crisp! xoxoxo… Read more »

Katie Mansfield

I've seen what you have been pinning and it is very inspiring. I am looking forward to seeing your new home.

Prairie Kari

I love the first pic with the rough leather chair, the chunk of wood side table and whitewashed wide plank floors – can’t wait to see your new home and what you do with it! When do you get possession?

must love junk

How exciting that you're moving-gotta love a new space to decorate! Love your 'pin-spiration'! :)Susan

Lauren TheEndearingHome

Can't wait to see your new home! I know it will be just as stunning as your beautiful inspiration photos, you are super talented!


I love all of those inspiration pics you shared! I can't wait to see your new house. I love a lot of natural light too. Utah has some pretty views too so I'm sure you don't want to cover those up!


So happy for you Holly. I cannot wait to see your new place sounds beautiful.Kris


This new look is right up my alley! I am so in love with all of your inspiration photos….can't wait to see your take on these! ~Kim


I hit my head when I fell off my chair, but I'll be fine. Guess after you move I better anchor myself better, because I expect lots of decorating to be going on.


I will love seeing your new home, and anxious to see how you decorate. I want your talent, Holly!

Cheryl Thornton

Holly you have such great style that I can't wait for you to move and get started too! All that follow here will live vicariously through your renos…can't wait to see how it all turns out!Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

Christine Vandormolen

I cant wait either…lol….Been lovin the same look Holly, Skandinavian, Black, Whites and Greys, Natural things, etc…lets all move to Sweden or Norway now ok???

chateau chic

So much terrific inspiration, Holly, that is so you and your style…love it!! I know you're excited to be moving back to Utah and have your own home to decorate. Anxious to see your new home!Mary Alice

Cecilia Bramhall

Nothing like a new home to decorate! So excited for you. Love the looks you pinned and I can't wait to see what you do!


Good luck with your new home!! That is so exciting. Can't wait to see it.Kathy

Gee Singh Newbanks

I am so happy for you !! S I read this I could feel your excitement Holly. I know how much you were tired of renting and wanted your own again. Yeah for you all!Looking forward to the new decorat7ng posts.HUGS, Gee