Furniture Before and After Projects

Hello Blog Friends! 🙂 I am not one to make excuses for not posting regularly but I do recognize that I am slacking in that area, however, for good reason. Let me share some projects that I have completed that have been keeping me from sitting down to write a post.
The above picture is an 80’s style pine bench that opens. If you look past the color and toll painting accent – it is a really great piece for a foyer or to use as a coffee table. I used dark walnut stain and white paint to bring it’s style into the 21st century.

Have you ever had great intentions for a project and failed at every turn? This coffee table was one of those. It is not wood, it’s some sort of plastic or mdf board but it has great lines. It had been covered in a world map design but the color scheme wasn’t right for the shop where I sell my furniture.

I covered it in my own white chalk paint on a beautiful sunny day outside on my driveway. I went inside for about 5 minutes and during that time a heavy rain storm creeped in and ruined my white paint!  Ugh…Several sanding and paint sessions later – I was finally done with it. What is funny about it is that it sold first thing the morning I took it to my shop space. (The shop owner bought it!) 🙂

I may have already shared the above dresser with you but I really like the two toned paint pallet and the painted hardware.

This is a dining set that I finally moved out of my garage and refinished. I have been clearing out the garage one piece at a time (just to fill it up again).

The customers that frequent the Lazy Daisy love dining tables! I expanded my retail space even further since I last talked about it here. Having one large piece as a focal point in front of the mantel helps compliment the little stuff.
I actually moved this desk into Luke’s room. I didn’t sand it before painting it in chalk paint and I noticed that the finish was chipping off pretty easily. I ended up sanding down the top and staining it. I like stained tops on most furniture pieces (if you hadn’t noticed).

This is my night stand –

I can never find the right size of table to put next to my bed. This one is a little too small – it is actually cluttered with books and junk right now.

Well, that is what I have been up to.

Hope all is well with you and please come back next time! 🙂

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So many awesome make overs! I really love the bench! It was so dated before and now it has perfect cottage charm and it is so cool that it has hidden storage! What a great piece!

I don't mind if you don't post every day. Some bloggers just send anything to have one to post. I guess they think we don't notice. I like ones that have good content and yours does. Also you have a family. So don't worry about it. Just keep putting out your good work!

all wonderful Holly.Sorry I do not leave comments more often, but I do check your posts as I get notices via email. thankshave a blessed day. BlessingsBarb

Good morning beautiful!!!! Love all the make-overs, I hope you are getting some good $$$$ for them, you dererve it!!!!xoxoxo Christine

My, my, my, but your re-dos are lovely. You've been a busy gal, but look at all the beautiful things that you have created. Thanks for sharing:)

Gosh you sure have been busy Holly. I love ALL your before's & after's. Lucky I dont live nearby or I would be a regular customer at your shop buying all your revamps up !!!! 🙂

I know how much time refinishing furniture takes. Looks like you have been very busy making ordinary furniture look pretty. Glad to hear that your booth is a success!

You do such beautiful work. That top bench looks EXACTLY like one (of two) that I built about 25 years ago! I love what you did to it! Every piece looks great! xo Diana