This End Up Desk turned Rolling Island


This project was so fun to do. I refinish furniture pretty often so when I picked up this desk I had no idea what I was going to turn it into.

I have finished a few pieces of furniture in this same brand called This End Up…it’s ironic because here is what I was inspired to do.

Yes, I turned it upside down after painting it white (see how in THIS POST).

Basically – the photo above shows all the steps. Here are a few more details.

I didn’t love the style of the drawers so I bought a door threshold and cut it down into 8 1/12 inch pieces to cover the handles. (see the last photo in the collage above)

The lucky part was that the drawers easily flipped and fit the same either way the desk was placed. The oak slats were stained with Kona by Rustleum.

The look I was going for was industrial and rugged. The handles are from the hardware store and under $3 each.

The top is made from left over 2×12 pine stained in Kona also. I ripped four pieces with the table saw and sanded them down. After staining them I gave it a top coat of poly.

The whole thing turned out really cool looking. I would use it in my kitchen but I was informed by a reader once that pine is not a food safe wood. Butcher block would be a better option for cutting food on but this would be perfect storage. (I use cutting boards anyway)

I think it ended up being an inch or so short of standard counter height but close enough.

An outdoor bar cart would be a perfect use for it too.

Just a couple more pictures since I actually staged this project for photos. 🙂

See you soon!


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This turned out great! Awesome job! I never would of thought of turning it over.

From the before and after shots (without seeing the pics of how you did this) I would have sworn this was some sort of Photoshop internet trickery with it not being the same piece at all! Upside down was a brilliant move in this case – it is totally unrecognizable – I cannot believe how great this looks! I have a large old 40-50’s desk in storage that has a solid wood top. I don’t know type of desk it was but it has one door on either side vs drawers so has always screamed to be made over into… Read more »

So Creative Holly!I want to make one for my work area – painting table/supplies. Great idea!!Deb

Holly I love this re love. I think this is going to be one of my fave re loves you have done. This is really an awesome piece. Great job.Kris

You came up with the best design for that. I love the transformation! It looks nothing like the original. (That's a good thing.)

I love this. It is so cute. You amaze me – \”I'll just turn this upside down.\” Wow. I hope you are doing well.

Thanks Holly, We are the new owners of this wonderful \”island\” but I gotta say we are going to use it in a totally different way, and we are excited … it will be the new vanity in our soon to be remodeled bathroom.

I may have said it before, Holly, but you have a great eye for seeing what something simple or castoff can become, and carrying the project through to completion. Looks awesome and perfect for an island but I would so use it for an outdoor serving/bar area!!

So cute!!! I love this look, great job!

I feel so privileged to know you personally Holly and sell in the same venue! Wish you were joining us this Saturday at the Vintage Home Market xoxo Lynn

This is ridiculously brilliant and rates a 10 in my book! Mission accomplished for industrial, rugged AND cool.Rita C at Panoply

ps- Pine can be safe for butcher block use if you finish it with tung oil or mineral oil or a combination of either with beeswax. All you need to do is completely seal it for it to be food safe.

That turned out really, really great. It looks 100 years old! What a nice little surprise that the drawers worked either way you put them in. That doesn't happen very often. Hope you have a blessed Sunday- xo Diana