Chicken Wire & Screen Door Display


A few months ago we had some neighbors that were moving out of their house. On garbage day they put this old screen door out at the curb to be hauled away.

After asking them if I could re purpose it I brought it home and it sat on the side of my house all winter.

I was dreading cutting the screen out of it but eventually I took a razor blade to it and pulled all the screen out. Garden gloves saved my fingers during the process.

Today I covered the back of the wood frame in chicken wire by using a staple gun.

It turned out awesome!

See how the paint chipped off? I sanded it down but in some places the paint wanted to peel so I pulled at loose edges to reveal wood underneath.

The screen is cute all by itself but it can be super useful too. You could use clothes pins to clip pictures or messages on it or tie frames & signs to it with ribbon like the picture above.

This look doesn’t get old. I still love it.
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Have a fun Monday!


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Turned out amazing. Great job.

Thanks for joining SYS#9. I am your newest follower. Thanks for stopping by.

Love Love Love!!! 🙂 Blessings xo…Sherri

I never get tired of chicken wire. It looks awesome. xo Laura

Oh, this is so pretty . . . I would love having this in my living room. You are such an inspiring and talented lady. Thanks so much for sharing.Connie 🙂

Holly this turned out great. Cindy

Love this Holly. That door is just awesome. Love all the cute stuff you added.Kris

It DID turn out awesome, what a great idea! It's helps to see the close up of the staple too. (For us visual folks ha)xoLeslie

I love that! You added the cutest things to it too.

LOVE it, it looks especially wonderful with that black wall and the forsythia wreath. good thing for your hands you had the gloves!!

it looks so rustic and wonderful! the flowers are perfect for spring…the little quote sign is great, too.Tamara <3

Oh no!! Chicken wire never gets old! Luv it with the pictures hanging …Happy new week my friend!