Modern – Rustic – Country Style

I snapped some pictures of our family room yesterday after I straightened it up. There are some different pieces in here now that make my style more country – as in cowboy country.
Above the mantel is a new photo of an amazing horse, isn’t he beautiful?
An ox yoke hangs from the wood around the mantel.
This is a table that I made in a rush around Christmas time but I recently painted it white and added dark wax to it.

Check out that bottom trunk. I found it a thrift store and can’t wait to put wheels on it or use it as a coffee table.

Our old basement door sits against the wall. Can you see the chicken wire that was stapled to the back? There is no glass in it.

The other side of the mantel has a new/old table that looks hand made. The old grinder is attached to it to hold flowers or a candle.

The black and white stripe rug and the simple number pillows are a modern touch.

I love to bring in new elements to a room that go with the mood I am in. Can you tell that I am craving the country?

Happy weekend! We are off to camp. Maybe I’ll get my country fix.


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Love the style! What is that cool wooden piece against the wall with stenciled numbers?

Kari…Thank you for the correction. I had no idea but what the owners prior to me told me about the ox yoke. I actually like it better now knowing it's for horses. 🙂

Love, love this! I have 5 horses and my house has the horse theme throughout with horse pics, hangers, figurines, planters, cutting boards, coasters, office gak etc. One correction to your ox yoke. What you have is a horse double tree for hooking up 2 horses to a carriage which is perfect hanging below that gorgeous horse pic! An Ox yoke looks dif it is bigger and goes around their necks see images here.

Hi Holly,I am heading in a new direction in my living room and I love your style with yours. That ox yoke needs to come my way how awesome is that!!! Loooove!Kris

So cute. You have been busy. I love the repurposed table. It looks so industrial chic. Have fun camping but don't get chiggers. Do they have those up there?

OOOhhh… how fresh and totally different Holly. LUV it. You know my weakness for horse pictures/ paintings. Just mailed a piece off to Ballywalter Northern Ireland today!Enjoy your camping trip. Going back for a second peek at your 'cowboy country' living room.Hugs, Gee

oh my the ox yoke on the mantle is so super creative…I have a similar piece , its a horse single tree. I still have it laying in the garage and don;t know what to do with it…Love your family room. Happy Saturday amiga!

Holly,your room is fabulous, I love it all!! That trunk is amazing, and the picture over the mantle is out of this world! Would love to know where it came from also. the table you made is perfect, so makes me wish I was handy!Rebecca

Yahooo!!!! Holly, did you take that photo over your mantle or is that one you purchased somewhere? I absolutely LOVE it and would buy a copy in a minute! xo Diana

I agree with Martina! Very magazine worthy! I adore all the country touches you added. They are all so unique too which is what draws you in. The ox yoke hanging from the mantel is my favorite piece! So clever to do that and it really adds personality to the room. Love all the rustic wood you've added. Your picture quality is so good. Did you get a new camera? I am on the market for a nicer camera and am trying to decide.

Holly these photos should be in a magazine…beautiful!!