Merchandising a Shop Space….

Do you have a retail shop? In our town I rent a little space in The Lazy Daisy. Our town is full of antique shops & consignment stores, which makes the trip here worth it. But The Daisy is the most shop-able and affordable and mostly right on with the trends (really!).

I don’t own the store so I just have to worry about my own area but it’s located right at the front entrance so I want to give a good impression from the first step inside.
I picked up this old scrap wood and stenciled our town zip codes on them. One has the beginning letter to our town name behind it. I like to encourage town pride and a sense of community. (I experienced that “town pride” in New England when we lived in Connecticut)

I like to have a bin with just random little accents. People seem to like to dig through and find a treasure. If an item stays around too long I mark it down and throw it in a clearance bin. I personally am a sucker for clearance items at any store.

Stacking and layering a variety of items together is fun because at home I would love to do this but it just isn’t functional with the way we live but at the shop I can layer my dining table with burlap, a ladder, lantern and a tall topiary.

This is a crate set upward with wheels. I can fit more in my small space by displaying vertically.

I like to throw a wreath over anything I possibly can – it adds that “earthy” touch that I love so much.

Handmade items sell the best. This is a thrift store piece of wood that had toll painting designs on it in bright colors. I sanded and painted over it to make it my own style. It’s also a little reminder to think of our little friends in nature who are searching for food in the ice and snow.

Since I don’t use a lot of color in my space I try to make it more interesting with different textures like a rusty drive shaft as a vase and I love a wire cage or storage box.

I am not claiming to be an expert in merchandising but I am a seasoned shopper so I try to think of how I like to shop myself. Sometimes I create items to sell that will compliment my space such as a light fixture or table runner (they help protect freshly refinished surfaces too).

The corners need height so I made a tall ladder to tilt there and it provides more display space for me, too. I think it helps customers imagine using items in their own home when the space is set up with variety and not divided into sections (sections are for grocery stores).

My tip for merchandising though is to layer items and stagger heights then ones eye can’t just skim past everything. Angles and balance are appealing to the eye. One vendor helped me out with giving me her shopping friendly tip and that is everything should be shop-able so creating a path for visitors to get close to everything you offer is important. Don’t you like to touch things when you shop?

I have only had a space for 4 months at this point but I am learning fast what works and what doesn’t.

I never want to sound like a “know-it-all” because I am certainly not but I like to share things I learn here and there on my blog….I don’t usually share the mishaps.(and there are plenty!)

I know you are sick of me complaining about the weather but for goodness sakes – our garbage and mailbox are frozen shut! Plus, no school etc. (I’ll try not to complain when the humidity hits this summer,) At least we have cable and internet this week.

Check out Mazi’s snow day hair…

Major bed head!
(Yes, she is bundled up to her ears in down comforters and pillows – rough life of a Morkie)

Have sun shiny day!

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Mazi looks like our Sadie, all snuggled in on these cold mornings. She doesn't want to go outside any more than we do. Ha!Love reading your tips and getting a look at your shop space. Don't know where you live, but wish it were close to me here in TX. I adore towns with lots of antique and thrift stores. Your tips made me think of something I read recently. It was about using vertical space, noted as valuable real estate. I think you've done a terrific job. Makes me want to get a space of my own. '-)


I don't have a shop, but I enjoyed reading this post and seeing your pretty space! Wish I lived closer and could \”poke around\” it!


Hi Holly,I always love seeing your space and how you have it arranged. Love to look at all the neat things you have in your booth. Mazi is too adorable. Love her bed head.Have a great week end.Kris


Holly I live in Connecticut and will be taking a road trip next month. I would love to visit your shop. Where is it?

Little Vintage Cottage

Ok first of all… OMG!!! Mazy is so adorable with her bed head hair! lol!I just got a space in one of our local antique malls so I appreciate any tips that I can read about it. I love how your space looks. I'm not too happy with mine right at the moment but I'm brainstorming! I NEED SHELVING!!!Tania

Susan Homeroad

Oh I love your space Holly! I also have a little spot in a shop and I love it! I use a lot of the same ideas and colors that you do (no surprise there) … I wish I could come shop in your space! Good luck with everything and I will look forward to seeing your spot change with the seasons!Susan


Well good Lord! If your mailbox and trashcan are frozen shut everyday then you have a right to complain about the cold. I love how you've styled your booth. I like that shutter you hung with the wreath on it. I think you've been given some good tips about how to merchandise your booth. I love going into a booth like that! The ones that stack things up randomly are usually the junky ones that I don't even look at. Love your adorable doggie peeking out from the covers. Too cute!

At Rivercrest Cottage

Love your tips. I tend to clutter up my house. It's hard to remember that just because a shop looks good that way, a house doesn't. Your section of the store looks very shop-able and I would buy that checkerboard topped table if I were there! Love it.

Barbara Jean

wonderful tips and display.blessingsBarb

chateau chic

Good tips, Holly! I find in this business what sells and works well is constantly changing due to the whims of customers. But your excellent merchandising tips are always important to remember.Mary Alice


Hello Holly – I love the pictures of your retail space. I use ladders alot in my little craft cottage as I find them great. I would certainly be finding lots of pieces to bring home if your shop was closer ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree about making it all accessible, I definately like to pick up things before I buy them, not just admire from a distance. Mazi is sooo adorable … have a great weekend, its Saturday morning here x0x


Good Morning Holly, it was fun looking through your little shop space, everything is so charming. It makes me what to shop! I was so intrigues with every little detail and just strolling along window shopping . . . when I came to . . . Mazi's snow day hair ๐Ÿ™‚ I needed a full blown laugh this morning, thank you. What a cutey!Keep smiling,Connie ๐Ÿ™‚


Did I know you had a space? I don't think so….anyway, it looks just great. I know you will have a lot of fun with it and those are great tips. Keep us posted as to how it goes. xo Diana


Great tips. Your space looks approachable and not sterile. Some spaces are arranged so precisely you're afraid to touch anything. Your little dog's hair is adorable!