Jute Ribbon & Lanterns on Scrap Wood

Today is a snow day here in Virginia. It would be sort of fun if we could all carry on “business as usual” but that is not the case. No school, shops closed….etc…
While all the neighborhood kids were getting my foyer floors wet with snow and eating everything in my pantry I lost myself in a craft project.
I bought these lanterns on sale the other day and found some Jute Ribbon at Kirkland’s. I used my glue gun to apply two strips of ribbon onto each glass lantern and screwed three random style hooks to a piece of scrap wood. On the back of the scrap wood I used two D rings for hanging the wood and lanterns to the wall.
The lanterns are all the same but the hooks are different.
Each candle is embellished with paper and a key tassel. (post HERE) The paper is applied with Mod Podge and I have used the candles several times. As the candles burn down I have to peel back the paper so it doesn’t catch fire.
The hooks are all black but different shapes and styles.
Here are a few more pictures that I will share with you since I am practicing on my photography…
Photography takes way more patience than I would like it to but I am a “project girl” – not a photographer, I will be the first to admit, but it’s sort of fun to play around.
Do you like the back drop? It’s 8 inch plywood slats painted in a distressed white laying against the wall in my dining room. I would love a room covered in all of it – some day.
Well…we just got the email that tomorrow is another snow day. It’s amazing how 8 inches of snow can shut down the whole town here and some of you are drowning in snow up north.
Good luck and be safe where ever you live and happy creating!
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Love your lanterns they turned out really nice, and look great hanging from scrap wood with the different hooks. Your pictures look great to me. Getting decent photos is a chore for me.


Hi Holly,Love these jars and candles. Soooo pretty. Yep it is bitter cold up here in Chicago but school and life go on here. We are just use to this stuff so life goes on even with snow and cold here. Hoping for a thaw soon.Kris


Oh I love that project you did! You thought of every detail too. Hey, don't complain about 8\” of snow shutting down schools. That's huge to us here in GA. We don't even have snow or ice on the streets. We have ice in the trees and schools were closed today and again tomorrow! Crazy!

ImSoVintage Laura Walker

I really do love this and your photography skills are great. I am working on mine, too. It doesn't come easily to me. Our 10\” has shut our city down too and we are expecting more tomorrow. Hurry up spring. xo Laura