Upcycle a Baby Crib

Do you have a baby crib hanging around from the days of “no sleep”? Well, we had two! For some reason I couldn’t get rid of one of them – maybe I was holding onto it for sentimental reasons even though neither of our kids really used them much. (we were those parents that slept with their babies)

Our home has very little storage so the pieces to our baby bed were sitting outside waiting for me to do something with them. The great thing is that this “weathered look” is real.

After detaching the legs from this side piece then cutting it down to a size that worked I rounded up some old hardware and randomly placed them on the crib.

Having a place to clip cards or homework on and also hang keys or scissors from is really handy.

This would be a good thing to hang inside a pantry or mudroom. I could hang aprons from the hooks and recipes or lunch money for the kids on the clips.

I always get ambitious toward organizing in January…too bad it doesn’t last all year.

Thanks for viewing my upcycled project!

Happy Day to y’all (or should I say all y’all??? – sounds like living in the South is rubbing off on me )