Make a Wood Table Runner

You have seen wooden table runners, right? I love the rustic look of them and how narrow they can be. One of the best features is that the display on top of it can be removed all at once instead of one by one if you like to display more than one item in the middle of your table.

 The other day I was cleaning the house and thought the dining table would look nice with a centerpiece. I used this new left over scrap of 1×6 pine (around 18 to 24 inches long) that is made to look old with layers of spackle and paint then sanded to soften the corners. The handles are from one big drawer pull that was split in half. I screwed each piece on the ends for a comfortable grip.
The back side has two large pieces of felt stuck to it to protect the table top finish (I worked hard to get it stripped and stained).
I like the white distressed wood against the dark stained table top. Now when my family and I need to use the table I can just scoop the whole display up in one swoop to clear it.
Super easy!  And since I had all the stuff on hand it was quick to put together. 
Later on I added candles to it and displayed it in the shop on another table that I refinished. It sold the first day! So – I need to make another for myself. I have a couple of extra kitchen knobs, maybe that will work. What do you think?
Hope your 2015 is going great so far! Here in Virginia we just need to get back to our mild winters and we’ll all feel better. I want to wear flip flops – not boots and gloves!
Have a wonderful week!