Wood Console Table with Lattice

Do you have an air return vent or radiator in a too visible of a spot in your home?
I have noticed that a lot of homes in the area where we live have very visible air return vents….like this –
This picture comes from a model home at Main Street, a local home builder. See the arrow pointing to the vent smack dab in the foyer?  Maybe that doesn’t bother you but they bug me. Here is an idea to camouflage the stinking things without taking away it’s function – cover it with a hand made table custom sized.
By making the front, back and sides open for air flow it is fine to put this table directly in front of the vent. No air flow interruption.
Measuring only 12 inches deep the table top makes a narrow platform for dim but welcoming lamp light in the foyer or a functional place to keep keys and such.

Not so super perfect….

A rustic two tone piece with a slatted top and wooden lattice around the front three sides. (distressed to look old – see these paint tips if you want to know my personal favorite techniques on achieving this look)
I love the final look of the console table and if you want to get started on making your own custom table you might find THIS POST or THIS POST inspiring or helpful.
Have fun creating a ‘one of a kind’ furniture piece that meets your own needs and taste. Try it…you can certainly do it!
So, I don’t know about you but I am so behind on preparing for Christmas. I have got to get my act together – today! My Christmas Home Tour post was only pictures – I was too tired and busy to write words. I still need to give you a little background about my sweet Christmas village and also give you some updates on my shop space – (relocated).  —-Now, how many hours are in 1 day? – not enough! ugh!
I am thinking my new years resolution will go along the same lines as it has been for 20 years…
(link to New Year Resolution post HERE) I honestly try…
Hopefully you are more ready for Santa than I am….
Off to shopping (I love Amazon Prime).
Happy Friday!
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Holly, fabulous idea. Grateful I don't have that problem, but that would be a perfect fix. You always have a solution to any décor problem. Thanks for sharing and being so innovative. love ya, mom

what a super great idea. Holly I am way behind as well. Luckily we have all the presents for the little one, but nothing is wrapped and I still have to get a few more presents for others. I have this feeling of I AM FORGETTING SOMETHING REALLY IMPORTANT, and I can't shake it off….lol….I will go check out your Christmas Tour now, I am behind on that one as well…..Have a very merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!!!!

Very clever Holly. They would bug me too Cindy

Such a creative solution and a great look!Deb

That is such a great idea, Holly. I hate seeing those vents. I finally finished my shopping. Now I just have to wrap it all up and put in the car before Monday. Have a great weekend. xo Laura