Life is Beautifull Fence Sign & a Birthday

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Mine was great. My parents were here to share the holiday with us. I am still full from eating so much delicious food. It’s nice to indulge sometimes.

Here are a few pictures of recent items that I put in my little shop space.
Scrap bead board…
Light fixture embellished with naked shades and vine wreaths.
Wooden rustic rooster.
The old sign from above our basement door. (yes, I am parting with it)
Speaking of Babies…Today I am celebrating my kids’ birthday.
My twin boys – who aren’t really babies anymore. I love these two sweeties!
May all your wishes come true!
Next up – some Christmas 2014 decorating!
Happy weekend!

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  1. Holly, so fun to sing Happy Birthday to Ben and Luke in person rather than over the phone. Thanks for a wonderful Thanksgiving. Seeing your booth was also a special treat. You are so gifted and talented in many ways. Your gifts show in the words you select for your signs. You have a way of making others feel important. I couldn't have asked for a better daughter. love ya, mom

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