Ebony & Fossil Dining Table

This dining set was really pretty when I got it but a little too red of a wood for my taste so I painted  all the chairs and legs of the table with Rust-Oleum 2X’s cover in Fossil. It’s a spray paint.

I stripped the table top and sanded it really good. Even without stain on it, the wood was really red. 
(no before pic … time?)

I chose Minwax Stain in Ebony for the top. It is so rich looking and the red tone is gone.

I used polyurethane in satin to seal the stain. I didn’t seal the painted areas. Just glazed them with THIS technique.

It came with 5 beautiful chairs and I painted a bench to go with it.
The chairs had fabric seats which were in great condition. I left the fabric alone.

 It looked great in my breakfast nook but the shop had some open space to fill so I took the set up there and wouldn’t you know, it sold in two days.

So even though this dining set is in a new home, I had to share it with you too.
I will keep my eye out for another unique piece.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving as you gather around your own dining table.
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Cecilia Bramhall

Oh perfect timing! I need to redo my dining set and actually thought of staining the top, painting the bottom and chairs and here you show me how it will look! Thanks! :-)It's really beautiful. I'm glad to see an example of what I was thinking about.


What a beautiful table and chair set! It's no wonder that it sold so quickly. I love the cute fabric on the chairs and the added white paint on the legs.


Holly I'm not surprised. This is gorgeous, I would have grabbed it in a second. Happy Thanksgiving Cindy

Gee Singh Newbanks

Beautiful Holly!! No wonder it went so fast. I have to get back into furniture painting next year. Been concentrating on my canvasses the last 2 years, I miss it!Happy Thanksgiving.

Gee Singh Newbanks

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Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking

That looks amazing and a spray paint seems so much easier than a brush. Did you have to prime first, or sand? What prep did you do before you spray painted? Thanks!


Hi Holly,I can see why it sold so quickly. It is gorgeous and very unique. Beautiful.Kris

Christine Vandormolen

yayyyyy Holly that is super cool!!!! Beautiful work as always!