Ebony & Fossil Dining Table

This dining set was really pretty when I got it but a little too red of a wood for my taste so I painted  all the chairs and legs of the table with Rust-Oleum 2X’s cover in Fossil. It’s a spray paint.

I stripped the table top and sanded it really good. Even without stain on it, the wood was really red. 
(no before pic … time?)

I chose Minwax Stain in Ebony for the top. It is so rich looking and the red tone is gone.

I used polyurethane in satin to seal the stain. I didn’t seal the painted areas. Just glazed them with THIS technique.

It came with 5 beautiful chairs and I painted a bench to go with it.
The chairs had fabric seats which were in great condition. I left the fabric alone.

 It looked great in my breakfast nook but the shop had some open space to fill so I took the set up there and wouldn’t you know, it sold in two days.

So even though this dining set is in a new home, I had to share it with you too.
I will keep my eye out for another unique piece.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving as you gather around your own dining table.