Faux Metal Applied to Veneer Furniture

Last spring I was driving into a neighborhood on what happened to be garbage day… I was looking at homes but found this little piece of furniture waiting for the garbage truck. I knew it was made with veneer over plywood but drawers for storage are always useful. I didn’t take a before photo because I didn’t think this was going to be a blog worthy project.
After a failed paint job, I decided to use this HVAC foil tape that was left over from THIS project.
I had exactly enough silver tape to cover the whole base of this small night stand.
Once the tape covered all of the veneer I doubled up on vinyl gloves and used watered down chalk paint to rub over the shine-y tape.
Smeared it around with my hand.
Let it sit for only a minute before wiping the paint with a rag.
The flat black color takes the shine out and makes the tape look like metal.
This veneer was not in good shape but the texture worked great for holding the black paint and adding a patina. 
That is the back.
The top is attached with screws and made from pine slats that are painted black and white. I should stage this cute for a final photo but just imagine it in a boys room or a basement theater room. It’s masculine and heavy looking. 
Hey, there are three drawers that are perfect for DVD’s, remote control’s…you name it….faux fweeee!
If you recycle junky veneer furniture ….you are a hardcore tree hugger! 🙂
Our weather here in Virginia has been amazing…perfect for doing projects on the driveway.
I’m so glad you stopped by. Enjoy your day!!!