Welcome a Spool Table to the Deck

Fall is the best time of year to use our deck. The leaves are changing, it’s cool enough to light a fire and our days are just short enough so we can enjoy darkness before it’s too late.

We are using our picnic benches along the railings and placed a spool table in the center to hold our drinks or dinner plates. The center hole is perfect for the umbrella if we need shade.
The circular shape makes it easy to pull up plenty of camp chairs for friends to join.
Just a quick step from the kitchen and there it is – an extra space to spread out and enjoy the cooler weather.
What a gorgeous weekend we’ve had. Hopefully yours was beautiful too.

7 Replies to “Welcome a Spool Table to the Deck”

  1. spot on Holly. fall is my favorite tie of year. . . too bad its the shortest season here in Montana. . . perfectly cooled hot weather. . . thanks for sharing. . . ~d

  2. Love it, Holly. Cute table and we used to have one that was similar. I think we left it with a house we sold.Fall is my favorite time of year…and hope you enjoy every moment of it. xo Diana

  3. That big old spool makes a great table! We are enjoying being outdoors this time of year too. However, it's pretty chilly in the morning and the evening.

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