Handmade Gift Idea for Baby

What means more than a homemade gift? 

After having my twins – the gifts that poured in were so meaningful to me. I still remember what was given to me and by whom. I don’t sew much so I never give quilts unless they are purchased but what I can make is a personalized growth chart.
My brother and his cute wife had their first baby over the summer.
(their house LINK).
This is the gift I made for them:
Here is how I did it:
Paint or stain a 1x6x6 of pine wood.
Once the paint/stain is dry use a yard stick and mark each foot with a pencil. I start at 6 inches from the bottom of the board. The growth chart can then be hung on a wall 6 inches from the floor, which gives room for base boards.
Make a stencil out of card stock to use as a paint guide. I marked 2 different lines across the opening. The longest line is for the foot measurement and the shorter line is for the six inch measurement. Each inch is marked with just a little dot in gold.
I used paint applied with a skinny paint brush and a gold paint pen to cover my pencil marks. 
To make this gift more personal I painted flowers that match the fabric and colors in the baby’s window panels and room decor. I just painted them freehand before painting the measurement lines.
For each foot I used address numbers from the hardware store.
Once all the paint is dry place the numbers where they line up with the long painted mark at each foot. 
The numbers on my chart were not screwed into the wood at center but slightly to the left. To make sure the numbers are lined up the same make another template by folding card stock around the edge.
Now the sweet baby’s height can be measured until they reach about 6 and 1/2 feet tall…  =) by using a sharpie permanent marker to write the dates.
Write a personal message on the back with your own signature in permanent marker. This will be a gift that can be used generation after generation.
Use D rings on the back for easy hanging.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a fun week!
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Shabby chic Sandy

That is just adorable! someday when I have Grandchildren I am so making one of these!

Tina C

How adorable!

Katie Mansfield

It is adorable!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage

Super cute!! I just love the flowers on it!

Gee Singh Newbanks

Hmmm… been thinking of making something for my new grandson's room. This is a perfect idea Holly. I keep track of his sister on a pair of louvered shutters that I have dragged to this home from my previous laundry room . The same ones I used to keep track of my sons, her daddy and uncle. Hmmm… I might have to make a couple of these for their rooms. Thanks for the inspiration! As always… Big hugs, Gee


Of course you would make a homemade gift out of wood! You are so good with wood. I love that. It is one of a kind and I like the fact that you used house numbers for the numbers on there. Very creative!

Coastal Cottage Dreams

Holly. so adorable and personal gift. This would be great for my new born granddaughter, Madison too! Have a wonderful week.