Make Your Art Stand Out – {tutorial}

This project was pretty simple to do. I am excited to show you how you can make small or drab art really POP on your wall.

This wall is in a newly finished basement. The owners want a rustic “ski” theme. They already had these vintage style canvases but they were too small for one wall and too big for another.

Here is what we did to make them work on their large wall.

This comfortable sectional sofa faces a big screen TV and a beautiful stone fireplace. The room is all neutral colors….a perfect blank slate to add color and character to the room.
First…find the center of the wall and mark it with a pencil. Then mark how high the nail needs to be along that point to hang the canvas. Hammer in the nail on your pencil mark.
Hang the first picture. (the pictures alone are a little too small to fill this wall)
Now for the frame….Starting with the sides nail into the wall 1×6’s of wood that are cut to the exact same length as the art. 
Add the tops and bottoms. These frames will have a staggered corner look. Our wood was cut one inch over the top and bottom length. (the pictures tell most of the story in this post).
Once all the wood was nailed in we covered the silver nail heads with a red sharpie marker.
Ta-dah! I painted and distressed the wood a day or two before so it would be nice and dry to hang on the wall. I will show you how NEXT TIME HERE! 🙂
The vintage ski pictures now fill the wall and bring in some fun color.
Thank you to Debbie, my sister in law, for taking pictures of this project step by step and thanks to her mom, Linda, for helping me hammer in the nails.
Have a super fun weekend!
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The turned out fabulous!

Robin Johnson

What a great idea. Makes your artwork stand out so nicely plus gives it a slight rustic flare which is always nice.

Christine Vandormolen

Hi Holly, that turned out super cute…that big wall needed big frames like that….super job


You are just so dang creative! We've been in our new (old) home for 2 years and still have most of my favorite décor sitting on the floor unsure of where to put it! Wish you lived down the block!!! I've been so busy this summer with new projects… some junk found by the road that is becoming new again. I've missed you and hope you have had a great summer!


Love this diy art work Holly! Love the frames too.

Elizabeth BlueClearSky

That is a great idea and I really like how the painted wood looks with the posters.

Leslie Harris

I love the touch of rustic on the walls. Looks fantastic as usual.:)

Mary Clark

That looks awesome!


What a great idea! I like the staggered corner look and the sharpie trick!