Ferns, Ficus and We Made It to Summer Break

Hopefully this post finds you enjoying your summer. I am peeking in to say a quick “hello”.

We survived our last weeks of school and our first real summer break day. It’s such a relief when those busy days come to an end.
I thought I would share the ferns and ficus trees that sit on our covered front porch with you while they are still green and healthy.
My summer porch decor seems to go down hill once July hits. I might take my ferns to be “babysat” while we vacation this year.
Instead of planting the ferns in pots I left them in the store containers and wrapped them in garden burlap.
The green is simple but it brings a cool feeling to the porch when it is hot.
So far we have enjoyed some beautiful days at our community pool and thankfully the boys are in to mountain biking this year.
Even though they make me nervous going off jumps and through creeks, I think this is much better than playing video games any day.
(if  you look really close, you can see a little fire fly through Ben’s back tire)
Stay safe and have fun!
Until next time…
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Love all the greens, they are always so inviting and it feels great to be surrounded by them. Unfortunately I do not have a very green thumb and tend to send any beautiful ferns to a fern graveyard, so they are so fun to see on your gorgeous porch! Hope you are enjoying your summer!Hugs,Pendra

Holly, the ferns look great. I love the look of fresh greens on the porch.Enjoy the summer with your boys.

Love those ficus and your ferns look great, Holly! I bought one fern this year and it gets coverage from the sun by our front door. I just love them even if it means I have to water and spritz a little bit more with the humid weather.

So good to see your pretty front porch!! I love all the green and lanterns. So fresh and summery 🙂 Hope your summer is a blessed one with your family, Holly.Blessings..~Sherri

I love the plants you have on your front porch. We just got our porch cleaned up for the summer and I can FINALLY buy some flowers for it. Looking forward to doing that tomorrow. Enjoy sleeping in now that shcool is out!

haha–he's a blur, but, the firefly shines! all boys go through the same fun stuff, don't they? have fun with your guys, holly!

Your porch looks so pretty. Love that chalkboard print. Enjoy your time with the kids.Cynthia

Your ferns look so pretty. I have ferns planted around my front patio (by the previous owners) and I just love them. Enjoy your summer!