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I had some big plans to make over our beige family room this week. Once I cleared the whole space and got working on it, I was interrupted and my energy to finish was deflated.

I ended up putting all the (beige) furnishings back where they were, pretty much.
Except for this wall. I placed the TV on a coffee table instead of hauling in the foyer table and reconnecting all the wires through the old window backdrop…etc. I don’t like seeing cords and electronics so at least when some sort of inspiration strikes again, it will be much easier to move all that junk (that is so called a “wireless system”).
Somebody keeps posing for us so I will let her in on this story even though she is out of focus. (Mazi is showing off another bad hair cut, I guess!)
The little basket to the right by the spool table is Mazi’s “toy box”. It’s like picking up after a toddler when she decides to play with every single toy at once.
If you like this room, see other articles and photos of how it has transformed in the following links posted in red.

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(this is our bedroom at our home in CT)
Thanks for stopping by today and you are always welcome to stay the whole day – click around and see what else I have to show off.
(my most popular post – using petroleum jelly to create a chippy paint look)
I am not the show off actually – Mazi is (the Morkie puppy, or as my family of boys say “Dorkie” puppy). She’s been self-promoted as our mascot on this blog. I’m just a crazy DIY-er among other things – mother of twins, wife, maid, cook, friend, aunt, sister, daughter, free spirit etc. etc. etc. etc.)
If you are new here – this is me
If you would like to contact me and don’t know how to leave a message at the bottom of my posts then you can email me at downtoearthstyle2012@gmaildotcom or visit my Facebook page HERE.
Thank you for your visit and do come again!
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Thanks for reminding me of all your great posts–sometimes it is nice to go back and read again. Mazi looks so cute! You can just see her personality in the pictures 🙂

love it all….the little sofa table actually looks great for a TV cabinet as well…Have a wonderful M-day!

Thank you for the tips about your blog Holly. Although I dont comment very often, I always enjoy stopping by for a read of your posts & the tips you offer & sometimes I go looking for help on a particular painting project on your blog. So thanks SO much for all that you share. AND I do love the odd pics of little Mazi that you pop in. Julie x0x

great tips, holly! happy mother's day!!

Looks great Holly! I was wondering how your neighbors project is coming along? I really liked the island you were working on for them 🙂

I love your style, Holly! Great \”navigation\” tips 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!Jeanette

testing..Holly are you getting this?

I like your beige room. The details you have added gives it plenty of charm and the cute little dog adds a lot too!Gigi @ Old World Patina

Don't you hate all the stupid electronics cords! they are such a pain! In the house we've been renting they put the cable outlets in the weirdest spots and I'm always having to try to get creative at hiding the cords. Luckily things are better in the new house. Your TV looks great on the coffee table. I love your horse print so much! I thik I would find myself staring at it instead of the TV. 🙂