Add Painted Letters to an Old Window

Our mantel has an enormous hole above it to fit an old fashioned TV. I covered it up with a large window that you may view inΒ this post. Recently my beautiful horse canvas has been featured there in front of the window but I felt like doing something to the window itself.

There are a lot of options for a plain white grid background but I go for the easiest thing…
painting random letters in a gray color by using a stencil.
Not painted too perfectly either.
When I decorate with numbers or letters I get so many questions about what they mean – NOTHING, they mean nothing at all. πŸ™‚
The whole alphabet would look too much like a school classroom (although cute for a playroom idea) and there were not enough panes of glass to fit all those letters anyway.
It reminds me of an eye testing chart. I need the DMV to get one in this size so I can renew my drivers license. My eyes are so slow to focus — aaack!
I haven’t updated my license since we moved (almost two years ago). But the DMV is the last place I want to kill a day. I’d rather be more productive at home making crafts, painting and reading blogs.
I hope your week is going a bit better than mine is.
(I don’t spill much personal negativity out onto you sweet readers but boy, sometimes…..)

I’m smiling anyway!
Sharing my project with Knick of Time Tuesday

15 Replies to “Add Painted Letters to an Old Window”

  1. That looks so cute! I like typography in a home anyway. I like how you put the letters in order and skipped some of them.

  2. That looks great Holly! I like that you just did some of the alphabet and not all. Too bad you have to waste a day at the DMV!

  3. I love it and the fact that the letters represent absolutely nothing!!! I always think I have to say something with my letters but I realize now, I don't!! Thanks and Happy Mother's Day!~~Angela

  4. I'm with Kelly. I like how you skipped some of the letters. You are allowed to spill some negativity if you want. We can handle it. I had a police officer repeatedly ask me if I had just moved. I think he was trying to get me to say yes, so my license was not so out of date. I did get a ticket but not for that. πŸ˜‰ Speeding is my problem.

  5. I notice various chippy, older doors and windows in your home and I love it. I'm starting to collect the same. But, I have been concerned about lead paint. Does this worry you. If so, what do you do, how do you deal with it? I have small children and don't want to expose them so have yet to actually hang any of my finds. Unsure about keeping them. . . Thx.

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