Add Painted Letters to an Old Window

Our mantel has an enormous hole above it to fit an old fashioned TV. I covered it up with a large window that you may view in this post. Recently my beautiful horse canvas has been featured there in front of the window but I felt like doing something to the window itself.

There are a lot of options for a plain white grid background but I go for the easiest thing…
painting random letters in a gray color by using a stencil.
Not painted too perfectly either.
When I decorate with numbers or letters I get so many questions about what they mean – NOTHING, they mean nothing at all. 🙂
The whole alphabet would look too much like a school classroom (although cute for a playroom idea) and there were not enough panes of glass to fit all those letters anyway.
It reminds me of an eye testing chart. I need the DMV to get one in this size so I can renew my drivers license. My eyes are so slow to focus — aaack!
I haven’t updated my license since we moved (almost two years ago). But the DMV is the last place I want to kill a day. I’d rather be more productive at home making crafts, painting and reading blogs.
I hope your week is going a bit better than mine is.
(I don’t spill much personal negativity out onto you sweet readers but boy, sometimes…..)

I’m smiling anyway!
Sharing my project with Knick of Time Tuesday