Window Decor with a Ball Jar & Ivy

A few weeks ago I put this little ivy plant in a hanging ball jar. One of our living room windows has a small hook in the top of the window frame. I wasn’t expecting the plant to do well but she loves it here.

The “s” shaped hooks are from some window panel tie backs that I have never used but I had purchased them on clearance years ago.

The two hooks together bring the ivy plant down the window far enough that it looks decorative and the ivy seems to do very well. Greenery anywhere is nice but there is something about adding it to a window that makes that space look so charming.

Other ways I have added charm to my own windows look like this…

A small mirror hangs in the center of this kitchen window with some rosemary twigs sitting in a jar. The more “effortless” looking the better.
A fresh herb garden in the kitchen window.
Our family photo hung in the kitchen window at our last home. The mugs are hung from a garden hook and a tag sale find.
This is a wire basket with wine corks in it.
A wooden star and wreath hang from twine and a thumb tack poked into the molding.
Of course wreaths are still one of my favorite things to hang inside or out.  If you don’t want to make holes in your siding just use bulldog clamps as I did above.
I used to live by a small nursery and I loved how the owner would place her plantings in all kinds of unexpected ways. When I need some inspiration, I like to visit a beautiful nursery. Garden accessories are so versatile for the garden and for inside. I think I started decorating my windows more when I saw that nursery owner hung some petunias in planters outside a couple of her windows from arched iron hooks.  It was the cutest thing on an old charming home in Connecticut. I wish I had a picture to share of that.
Have a beautiful Sunday!
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Hello Holly, love the ivy hanging in the window. I would not think to do this. I have NEVER had luck with ivy growing. I love it too. Your mugs are very clever too.Cynthia

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate

Love this idea!Your displays are beautiful!Sandi


LOVE the clip idea, esp, holly! i'll have to try that! the ivy in the jar is a charming window accent, too! have a great week:)


You have certainly come up with some clever ways to hang things and I like the look a lot! I love going to nurseries as well. I haven't been to one in a while.

C.D. Loken

Your home is so lovely! I love your pretty window decorations-especially the ivy! Thank you for the inspiration!

Katie Mansfield

Just adorable. Sweet for spring.

chateau chic

I love the look of live greenery hanging in your windows. Always a perfect touch!Mary Alice

White Lace and Promises

Pretty this and that hung here and there is simply beautiful! As always, your ideas inspire.

Cozy Little House

I wonder how the ivy thrives without drainage? There seem to be a lot of these jars with plants and I keep wondering that. Of course I have to be practical before I say it's very fetching!Brenda

Christine Vandormolen

I always love how you decorate your windows….so unique and creative!!!


My poor, poor naked windows. They asked me if they could come live with you so you could dress them and treat them special. I told them to keep their filthy mouths shut, lol. (They really are filthy.) Hey, maybe if I hang things in front of them it will disguise the fact they haven't received their spring washing! I love how you show that it is the little details that make a house a home … in your own down to earth style!xoxo jules

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting

Great ideas Holly… I love them all!!

Vintage Gal

What wonderful inspiration ~! Love the bulldog clip idea. I need to bring in a little more garden now that spring is here ~


I love these ideas, Holly. I need to add more indoor plants. xo Laura

BlueClearSky Elizabeth

All these ideas look great, Holly. I need to add some more plants to our home. The little wreath on your porch window is my favourite. Wishing you a great week ahead, my friend.

Nancy's Notes

You are full of wonderful ideas! Love all of your creative ways of making a house a home!

Nancy's Notes

You are full of wonderful ideas! Love all of your creative ways of making a house a home!


Your decor is incredibly charming! I love all of the little touches!Gigi @ Old World Patina


Perfect, I love how the plants and cuttings are thriving. Great display of Spring.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life)

I love all the plants in the windows and on the sills. Perfect.


Oh you clever girl…I love the clamp for holding. :):) I will be trying that. Blessings for a beautiful Sunday, xoxo,Susie