Spring Furniture Switch in the Bedroom

We have a huge window in the center of our bedroom. When we first moved in I placed our bed up against it. It does make the most of our space and looks very even this way. Our pillows were always falling into the blinds though, so I had moved it to the far wall.

I decided to move it back to the window again. This time, to keep our pillows from falling, I nailed two long boards onto the wall along the back.
Why the change? The fresh air coming in the windows at night makes me sleep like a baby. I am a big fan of fresh air.
The room is nice and symmetrical this way. I gave up my dresser as a night stand but behind the curtain I placed an old shower caddy to hold TV remotes and my good reads. It’s screwed right into one of the boards.
But you would never know.
When my camera and I are getting along a little better, I can show you more.
My boys and I are off on a spring break vacation to see my new little nephew who is arriving this week. I can not wait to meet him.
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I love that lamp – where did you get it?

Lovin your Bedroom…..I wish I could move my furniture around in our Master, but the lay-out does not allow me to. I love the white bedding too Holly!!!! I need to get busy with our Master so that I can share it one day too….hey did you ever see my post about my very first little Gallery wall from about a month ago??? I didn't have the guts to paint it black with chalk board paint but I did add a chalk board to it….LOL. here is the link if you missed it…would love to hear what you think http://littlebrags.blogspot.com/2014/03/hiding-thermomstat-in-plain-sight.html

No wonder I couldn't get a hold of you today! I hope you have a great time!! Love the new arrangement…need to work on mine. 😉

Like this new bedroom look very much, very fresh and spring. I do see a glimpse of your caddy, brilliant idea.

love your bedding! have fun with the new baby!

Your bedroom is so pretty–I can just imagine the fresh air coming in. How fun–a new nephew! I enjoy my 2 year old nephew so much. He brings us all a lot of joy and many laughs 🙂 Have a great day!

Love the Spring look!…I have my bed in my bay window area and love it there….Wish I could open the windows but the pollen here is truly awful now!…Have fun with the boys and your little nephew!

The window makes a great backdrop and the room is so fresh and airy. I love the white.

The windows make a pretty and bright backdrop for your bed. Hope you have a wonderful vacation with your boys this week!!Mary Alice

Ingenious idea. I love your pop of yellow on the Shabby Chic bedspread. Have fun this week.

Oh the room looks so fresh and inviting. I am with you on the fresh air making you sleep like a baby.My husband and I always keep the window cracked even in the dead of winter.

Pretty… pretty! A new little life. How exciting. Enjoy your time with family.Hugs, Gee

What a clever idea-I love having the windows open, too! Your bed is so pretty!Have a wonderful week with family :)Susan

Oh i love fresh air at night too. Great way to keep the pillows in place. Hugs, Marty

The bed looks good and that was a great solution for the pillows. Have fun meeting the new baby with your kiddos! xo Diana

It looks very pretty! Love your white bedding and that pretty yellow pillow.