Spring Furniture Switch in the Bedroom

We have a huge window in the center of our bedroom. When we first moved in I placed our bed up against it. It does make the most of our space and looks very even this way. Our pillows were always falling into the blinds though, so I had moved it to the far wall.

I decided to move it back to the window again. This time, to keep our pillows from falling, I nailed two long boards onto the wall along the back.
Why the change? The fresh air coming in the windows at night makes me sleep like a baby. I am a big fan of fresh air.
The room is nice and symmetrical this way. I gave up my dresser as a night stand but behind the curtain I placed an old shower caddy to hold TV remotes and my good reads. It’s screwed right into one of the boards.
But you would never know.
When my camera and I are getting along a little better, I can show you more.
My boys and I are off on a spring break vacation to see my new little nephew who is arriving this week. I can not wait to meet him.

17 Replies to “Spring Furniture Switch in the Bedroom”

  1. Oh the room looks so fresh and inviting. I am with you on the fresh air making you sleep like a baby.My husband and I always keep the window cracked even in the dead of winter.

  2. Your bedroom is so pretty–I can just imagine the fresh air coming in. How fun–a new nephew! I enjoy my 2 year old nephew so much. He brings us all a lot of joy and many laughs 🙂 Have a great day!

  3. Lovin your Bedroom…..I wish I could move my furniture around in our Master, but the lay-out does not allow me to. I love the white bedding too Holly!!!! I need to get busy with our Master so that I can share it one day too….hey did you ever see my post about my very first little Gallery wall from about a month ago??? I didn't have the guts to paint it black with chalk board paint but I did add a chalk board to it….LOL. here is the link if you missed it…would love to hear what you think http://littlebrags.blogspot.com/2014/03/hiding-thermomstat-in-plain-sight.html

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