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What is more beautiful than fresh flowers in spring? The fantastic colors wake up from a long winter nap. It feels to me like I do too. The sun is bright and the days are longer.

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I love the natural energy spring brings. Even my kids have a happy energy and a desire to play outside again……fortunately and unfortunately that spells muddy feet, toys and noise. 🙂
I am getting prepared just for that here in the foyer.  Last week I painted the walls with a fresh coat of paint. (Valspar – Artichoke) It’s a darker grey with a little hint of green.
The darker walls won’t show wear as much as the previous color did (Carrington Beige by Ben Moore). It was light and fresh before but showed dirty “paw prints” around the doors and light switches. There is a good amount of traffic coming through this space because our garage door and main entry are right close together.
So this area needs to balance between a functional space and a fancy foyer (actually, there is nothing fancy about me or my home). If you notice in the next photo – I have a basket of toy weapons for the boys, neighbor kids and boys…did I say boys? 
The way I decorate has to be easy to live with so I don’t fuss much over what “should” or “shouldn’t” be displayed in the foyer. The weapons now have a home right where they were landing anyway. I used an old basket for easy clean up and storage. I find it’s better to roll with the mess rather than fight it.
And the floors? I don’t clean them every day (obviously) but our yard is soaking wet from the spring thaw and that means muddy shoes. It stresses me out if I put too much effort into cleaning because it never lasts. So I don’t  🙂 (no…. I do – just not every day =/ ).
We don’t have a separate mudroom besides the foyer so this is it. When guests come in – they see exactly how we live, first thing. Even my to do list is front and center on the old door chalkboard.
We can check ourselves out in the full length mirror as we come and go.
(no toilette paper stuck to our shoes…check!)
The front door is painted an energy filled Red Base from Valspar. It’s bright and truly red. Simple & chunky house numbers were printed on white vinyl with a Cricut machine. It really stands out and looks fun from the street.
Bright red is looking so good to me this spring.
The porch becomes part of our living space when it turns warm. The morning sun flows into the foyer through a full glass storm door. One of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning is greet the sun at my front door…I know it will be a good day when I can do that.
I love ficus trees. They are sensitive plants but they do really well outdoors in warm weather – so long as there isn’t too much sun. A shady porch is perfect for them.
Warm weather brings everyone out and everyone is welcome to my house but I have a hard time telling people “no” so I made a sign to do it for me – no soliciting….. pretty please.
Well, there you have it – rich contrast and color. Fun, happy and energy filled days ahead and boy are we ready!
 Happy April Fools Day!

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Everything looks great! I love your No Soliciting sign!!! I've been trying to figure out a way to have one of those without it being metal and stuck to my door! LOL!! This is great!~~Angela

You have a beautiful home, and I love the red door!!!Have a nice sunday :-)Hugs from Norway!

Looks great!! LOVE that red door…I have been playing with pops of color here too. I WISH I had a nice entry like that…great ideas 🙂

Love the changes!

All so beautiful Holly! Love the red! Yay for Spring!!

So pretty! I love the cream pepper berries, where I live they are always pink or red. The brown and white transfer ware is so pretty for his season. I hope you enjoy a relaxing and delicious Thanksgiving. Home Decor Ideas

Love the new color! Great idea with the guns, you're right…can't fight it, so might as well make it fit! 😉

I totally get it with the dirty feet during the spring thaw. With kids and a dog I don't blame you one bit for not cleaning that foyer floor every day. It would be a 24/7 job. Your new color is so pretty and the pop of red on the front door is so eye-catching. I love that sign and would love the chance to win, thanks for the shot!!Cynthia

I know what you mean about this time of year–the ground is all soft and muddy and the kids and the animals always have dirty feet. I make the kids take off their shoes–and the dogs feet have to be cleaned every time them come in. It is impossible to keep everything clean right now though. Can't wait for the ground to dry out a bit. Love your red door!

Hi Holly, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. I have been having trouble with GFC and if I am already following you, and you following me, please forgive me. If not, please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chrishttp://chelencarter-retiredandlovingit.blogspot.ca/

my entry had lightsabers and skateboards when my boys were younger:) love the red door, holly!

I'm wild about the yellow Forsythia on the red door. Love it. I like the new color of the entry way too.

Love your front door!As much as I love monochromatic tones, sometimes color just has to come out somewhere. Maybe it is the season. I see that happens to you too. : ) Love it,Deb

Love the door. Love the front porch! Love the red plank with numbers. Everything you do is so beautiful! I have been walking the neighboorhood taking photos of doors. We are on the same wavelength.

You have been a busy lady of late, awesome red door! So in love with that large horse painting.

Holly,I love your red front door too. Your entry is so inviting. Love the chalk board door in the entry way. So charming.Kris

Love the new color Holly. The red door stole the show for me, WOW, that is awesome.

It looks great Holly, very welcoming!

Great wall color, Holly! I love that mirror in your foyer, too. We have a Husky and I would drive myself nuts if I had to clean it every single day just from her paw prints and dog hair. I'm still cleaning the hardwood and carpet at least three times a week, but sometimes you have to let it go otherwise you'd never do anything else!

Holly- You always decorate your house so beautiful! I love the door/turned chalkboard…genius!! I can't wait for spring!

LOVE your new foyer color and the basket of weapons is genius! My boys would love that!Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

Loving everything you did. I think the \”weapons\” in the basket is just right, and I'm partial to red doors. It's a great look!

Just love the exterior colors of your home now that you have the red door! I like the new darker color in your foyer better too. It reminds me of your last house somehow.

Luv the changes … nice and bright! I am quite partial to little boys, having two not do litter ones of my own. So, yes, I get the weapons in the basket.. :)… and muddy shoes… and skate boards… sigh, I do miss it.

Yep-Ir's fixed. I see it now, Holly. It is really cute- xo Diana

Fun new changes Holly….you have been busy painting your entire foyer…wow!!! I have 2 large baskets of weapons too!!! LUV little boys!!!!! Happy Spring!

It looks great and I love the foyer color. Also love the fact that you can roll with the punches with the kids and keeping things clean and organized with them.Ummm…that \”surprise\” at the end of your post is just a little box and no picture is showing up…just so you know.Happy April 1st to you! xo Diana

I love your red door, it is fabulous. Your entry is so pretty and I think you do a fabulous job of keeping it up. I so remember a house full of boys and mud, not an easy task. Hugs, Marty

I love the new changes. Your home is so beautiful!!!!