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This is my first time hosting a guest on my blog. I was particularly impressed with Sue’s style of writing and bathroom “know how”. I asked Sue to share some of the latest tends in new build and remodeled baths. Since I’ve been in the “re-use” phase for a while, I am curious to see the up and coming trends.

Please welcome Sue Jason from My-Bathrooms

Hi my name is Sue Jason and I am a blogger at My-bathrooms blog. I have a passion for sharing ideas which include home improvement and décor. Therefore today I will be sharing with you the latest trends for bathroom décor when it comes to remodeling old bathrooms or newly built bathrooms.
Remodel or New Build: Latest Trends for Bathrooms
Are you desperate for a fashionable and trendy bathroom, but have no idea of how to start the transformation of your current rather dated and dull washroom? The following ideas will hopefully inspire you to get to work creating the ultimately fashionable bathroom that you have been dreaming of.
Theme It Grand!
Whether you love ancient Egypt, Victorian antiques or any other décor theme, indulge it to the full in your bathroom. There is a growing trend amongst the top interior designers to rework each bathroom into a complete masterpiece, carrying the theme through the wallpaper and accessories, and through the very bathroom suite and flooring too! Wallpaper direct offers very nice and unique wallpapers.  Do not just cram the bathroom full of ornaments and knick-knacks based around your theme as this will just create confusion and discord. You must plan the décor, working out what features need to be changed and which can be left untouched, before sourcing and placing the perfect accessories that you need to complete the look.
Save Some Space
Modern bathroom suites are designed with modern small bathrooms in mind. This makes it easier than ever to renovate your current bathroom or even install a new bathroom, squeezing it into one end of a bedroom, under the stairs or even in the loft! There is a fair amount of variety available, even in the smaller sizes of tubs and other fittings, so you will be able to choose the set that appeals to your sense of aesthetics the most.
Energy Saving
Speak to your supplier about energy saving fittings, baths that use less water, showers heat quickly and operate at lower pressure so that you can save water and electricity by installing these modern marvels.
Unique Features
Your first purchase should be a large mirror, around which you can plan the rest of the décor. A large, well-lit mirror always looks attractive and tends to become an automatic focal point in the room. Choose one with an unusual frame or in a distinctive shape to make sure that it is eye-catching. Also look for delightfully unusual features like this wonderful basin and taps which features a colorful light in the faucet that transforms the simple act of turning on the water into a magical light show like this tap from My Bathrooms!
Take one or more of these ideas on board, or even just allow them to inspire you to explore a different path. It will not be long before your creativity comes up with the perfect fashionable design for your brand new bathroom.
Thank you, Sue!
What would you do in your next bathroom? Wallpaper? A fun faucet? I love the simple lines in the features from Sue. Now, to build a bathroom….. (some day)!
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love that claw tub!