Wreath Storage Bar

After I posted the curtain panel board (here), I got a request for more pictures of the wreath storage rod.

 Since my photography skills are still at a minimum, I haven’t figured out how to photograph straight into a sunny window but you can get the general idea of the wreath storage bar.

My craft room stores a lot of seasonal decor, like wreaths, frames and candles. I don’t pack these wreaths away because they take up a lot of box space and I like to keep them around for quick decor changes.
They just dangle from the curtain rod with “S” hooks and a few curtain clips.
It doesn’t look bad either!
Have an awesome day!
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Fabulous idea Holly! I put my wreaths in the basement… they are just nailed into the wall. Gotta give them a little more love. What a brilliant idea!

This is such a great idea, Holly! It's practical and also very decorative. I hang a lot of mine inside my craft room closet — high ceilings give me lots of wall space even inside closets.

What a fantastic idea!!! Functional and beautiful!!

I think your photography is great and your wreath hangings is fabulous!

Dual purpose decorating, love it! They look so cute as a window treatment, but if you need a wreath just take one down 🙂 I will be using this idea, thanks for the pics! 🙂

Wow Holly, that looks so beautiful!!

Great idea! I hang my wreaths down in my basement. Easier to find them hanging up. I like how you were able to add all of yours to one long rod.

I think this is so cool! It looks great too!!~~Angela

Holly this really is a great way to store the wreaths and it looks so beautiful and adds so much charm. Love that old door pictured too.Cynthia

That's my kind of thinking!! Love it.

I love this, Holly!! I'm thinking it makes a very fun window treatment above double windows or a sliding glass door.Mary Alice

Love it when things are available for a 'quick grab'. Rooting for stuff is no fun. Great idea this wreath rod….

What a great idea! I think I need one of these somewhere in my home! Now the question is, where???

I love this storage idea and it looks great!

That is a brilliant idea and I'm going to try to make one for my new craft room.

Holly- That is a great idea. I have a huge crock that came from the farm. It think it is a 50 or 75 gallon one(?) and I can stack about 10 wreaths one on top of the other in there but I really like your hanging idea. xo Diana

Great idea Holly. I have a large hall closet and I put nails up inside the closet so I can hang them up and out of the way. This closet I use for some of my dishes and decorations.Your pictures are great.Mary

I will definitely be doing this! I have a rod, and MANY wreaths in the basement that need a place to hang. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Looks great, Holly!Brenda