Label & Grow Herb Planters for Outdoor Grilling

In warmer weather we use the outside grill for cooking a lot.  That means more fresh fish and chicken for dinner. Using natural herbs on these dishes make them taste so yummy.

Get amazing flavor naturally on our favorite foods – a healthier choice for everyone.
Dill is delicious on fish with a little bit of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and some Old Bay seasoning. The grocery stores have fresh herbs for purchase in the produce department. They aren’t terribly expensive to buy but the challenge is keeping them alive for a season or two.
My plan was to put our favorite herbs in small pots in the sunny kitchen window. These clay pots are from Joanne’s (they were used in this post too). Using a Cricut and white sticky vinyl, I printed out the herb labels using George font at a 1/2 inch height. You could use ready made stickers or stencils to mark your own little pots.
The kitchen window ledge is pretty shallow but our little planters fill it up beautifully. The dill and parsley plants grow tall but tend to flop over in a messy fashion so I used small sticks as stakes & tied the greens up with twine to support them – as you might do in an outdoor vegetable garden.
These little plants like to be watered from the bottom and clipped from the top.
Healthier food, great color for our kitchen and faster, fresher meal prep.
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Have a healthy, happy day!
From Mazi and me…
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i love your plants, they're so lovely

Love the look of fresh herbs in a kitchen. I'm sure it inspires you to use them in your daily cooking. Your pots are a cute way to display them too.

Very cute! I've never had luck with herbs but I won't give up! I'll have to try again this year!! Great idea!!~~Angela

I love these pots and cannot wait to get moved and start growing some herbs for my new kitchen!

Love herbs and the post too!

p.s. Oregano is spelled right…according to the dictionary 🙂

My favorite way to cook! I love the pots and that is one of my favorite fonts on my cricut. I think I can find the time to do this…Thanks! 😉

this is just what i need to see-i bought a wall planter that is for herbs, but i wasn't sure which ones to grow. i want them to be pretty, too. i don't like dill, but it seems to get so bushy that i think i'll grow it just for looks! thanks!

I love these pots. I can't wait to get in the house and plan out our gardening. I always use fresh herbs and grow many in the summer. The only one I don't grow is parsley. When I have grown it in the past it takes to long to get bunchy. I need to much so I get that at the market.Cynthia

Holly, I love your pots and wish I had a sunny kitchen window seal. BTW, oregano is spelled wrong. :)Have a great weekend!

Very cute idea! I love herbs and growing them.Brenda